Kenya’s University of Nairobi-Keen on ICT : Dr Ndunge D. Kyalo, Kenya’s university, Kenya

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Tell us a bit about the ICT programme(s) in the University?

The e-Learning division is in the same campus which houses the School of Continuing and Distance Education. Our e-Learning initiative is something that is intrinsic part of our University. We have some e-Learning platforms that were developed using ICTs. We have started developing, uploading a lot of material to enhance e-Learning.

What kind of learning materials are you developing?

People are being trained, making the learning materials converted into e-Content. We transform the written material into e-format. Currently the students are able to access a lot of materials there, for example, in our departments it is our target to have our material accessible as e-Content. We might not have gone a long way in terms of distance learning, but at least our learning material is accessible online. Although we don’t do any teaching online, there are a lot of books and reference material  available to the students online. A lot of people in the e-Learning department are researching ICTs in education, some of the research are even up to the PHD level.

Is there a separate ICT research unit?

It is part of our School of Computer Science division. ICT research is a definite component of our area of attention and work.

Are the teachers trained in the use of ICT?

Teachers are being trained to adapt. They are being trained to adapt and not just rely on the traditional methods of teaching, traditional methods of content. They are being inducted into the system and this has been going on for some time now, with the idea of bridging the gap between the university and e-Learning.

What do you plan for future on the e-Learning initiatives?

It started in the year 2000 and since then it has been constantly doing about training people, changing contents in to the e-Learning mode, research and development. What we have in our distance learning front is still dependent on printed material. It is not completely in an online mode. But we are working towards an online model and are definitely keen on employing ICT in education in the future.

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