More ICT = Better Results? : N. Ravi Shanker, Jt. Secretary & Group Coordinator E-Infrastructure/E-Learning Group

Can you broadly define your areas of operation in the emerging e-Learning trends?
The e-Learning component of Department of Information Technology focuses mainly on development of tools and technology which will enable e-Learning to be expanded or proliferated.

In the technology aspect, what we are trying to do is develop authoring tools, by which we are trying to see how the learning process can be condensed through the medium. The second aspect deals with the optimisation of the transmission process. Like with any kind of traffic management, you are actually trying to send across more material in a given time.

Can you outline some of the projects you are active in?
One co-related activity that we are handling is a project known as the Digital Library of India. We have embarked on a project of digitising a million books and have developed a lot of partners in the process. Through them, we are trying to host the books on the web for free downloading.

We also have an activity called Technology-in-Content, through which the quality of services that we are rendering can be improved, enhanced and innovated. Technology partners such as IITs and our own institutions such as C-DAC are also associated with this activity. This is basically a test-bed activity to ensure that any product that is launched in the public domain has a high reliability factor. 

Are there any success stories or products and projects that you have supported?
For example, DIT had supported a project called Brihaspati