A clarion call!

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Global trends over the past several decades have profound implications for educational reform and the use of technology there in. The convergence of these trends has created significant opportunities and also enormous challenges. New knowledge and the use of new technologies have resulted in a way of living, which was unimaginable few decades ago. These converging trends have put tremendous stress on educational systems responsible for preparing society for the future with change. In the face of these trends, countries are confronted with the need to rethink their educational systems in order to prepare the community for the global progress, and to assure that the community will benefit equitably from this growth. To participate in this change and growth the education community needed to respond to an unbounded 21 century skills to use their knowledge to think critically, to collaborate, to communicate, to solve problems, to create, and to continue to learn.

A major focus of this magazine is on the same, the change and growth process that talks about the utilisation of responsive and localised ICT for the empowerment of education communities. Now is the time to think about the future. Now is the time for breakthroughs!

This issue of the magazine has been able to gather some such breakthroughs as the outcome of the provocative report of the Digital Learning Asia 2007 conference happened in February in Malaysia. The report is meant to inspire the entire education community to rethink and revitalize the Asian ICT and education agenda available so far.

Time is right to enter a new phase in the integration of ICT in the Asian society. We have moved away from a technology-push approach and have emphasised the importance of now better reaping the benefits of ICT. Today, we are better connected than ever. But how can we use these connections to reach our goals? How should we transform the processes of production and distribution of knowledge and ideas to embed ICT in an effective way? How can we make a successful transition to a network economy and a knowledge-based society?

We have presented this report to start the discussion about the future of Asian ICT and education agenda. It is necessary to take account of today’s paradigm and proven best practices in an international setting to achieve the best results in the future. We are sure that this issue will be insightful and raise crucial questions that need to be answered to mainstream ICTs in education in all spheres of life.

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