A Nation Online: Administration in the digital age

Everyday, when I see many faceless citizens approaching me for many of our acts and non-acts, I can’t help asking myself a question whether it is possible for me to live up to their expectations. The expectations that are huge while the resources I have at my disposal are thin. To make matters worse, the systems to administer these resources are primitive and inefficient. Nonetheless, I would also be unsure as to how many of them are in a position to approach me and how many would feel positively about the prospects of their case if they could do so.

I know my own constraints; sometimes I have lack of resources while sometimes the manpower, sometimes there are vested interests not allowing it to be done in a particular way while on few occasions the general lethargy and casualness that has crept into our system is the major impediment.

The vast apparatus of governance that we have, has come to a state where it does not move without getting a push. The unfortunate thing is that many of us don’t have the capacity or the wherewithal to give that push. The systems of governance are controlled by the powerful and influential; this needs to be transformed to serve the requirements of all, whoever they may be.