A print magazine for ICT?

In an ICT meet I attended recently, the role of the media in disseminating and propagating the successes of ICT was part of the agenda. At the workshop, there was general concurrence from all present that the media could play a very positive role in educating the public at large, attracting much needed investment and resources, as well as providing an interface for members of the field to interact with the outside world.

They were, of course, talking about mass media.

That set me thinking. Isn’t there also a need for a medium that enhances and propogates discussion within the sector? One that allows for information interchange, sharing of ideas, experiences and opinions? One that facilitates cooperation between various agencies, leading to a synergy of manpower and resources?

After a lot of discussions, questioning and trepidation, it was clear that i4d would be a reality. And so, today, it is. Our aim is to establish a channel of communication both within the ICT community as well as provide an interface to the world outside.

There is much work to be done; in the words of Prof. Kenneth Keniston “