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The Energy and Petrochemicals Department of the Government of Gujarat has taken a series of measures that have boosted the standard of living and positively contributed to the overall socio-economic development activities in the state. These measures have created a positive impact and added value for citizens across the length and breadth of Gujarat, enhancing the ease of living and doing business.

Under the energy transition phase and ease of living initiative, various measures and programmes are being implemented by the State’s Electricity Distribution, Generation, and Transmission Companies, functioning under the leadership of the holding company – Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL).

These measures include the transformation of the power sector’s landscape in the state through a series of steps, including revamping the overall network, adding capacity, particularly in Renewable Energy, improving the operational reliability of the network and power supply to all, offering a range of digital services to HT and non-HT customers, including doorstep services, providing daytime power supply to farmers, maintaining a quality billing system, centralising and streamlining various procedures/work to reduce the service delivery time, promoting green energy, and implementing newer technologies for the benefit of customers.

Following the unbundling of the power sector and subsequent reforms, Gujarat has remained a key leader in the power sector with policy-driven measures and action-cum-goal-oriented plans to achieve several milestones.

The various initiatives and their key features being implemented by GUVNL and Companies are as follows:

Innovations for “Ease of Living” – Transforming Gujarat’s Power Landscape

The ‘Ease of Living’ Index comprises 78 indicators, classified across 15 categories and organised under four pillars: physical, institutional, social, and economic. ‘Power Supply’ is one of the 15 categories. GUVNL and its subsidiary companies are actively involved in the distribution of electrical power to a diverse range of HT-LT consumers, promoting the ‘Ease of Living’ in Gujarat‘s power distribution sector. The companies have implemented various initiatives and measures aimed at improving the quality of life for citizens by providing reliable, efficient, affordable electricity, and services.

Revamping the New Connection Traditional Process

In our unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality and efficiency of services, and in alignment with the principles of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ (EoDB) and ‘Ease of Living’ (EoL), GUVNL is resolute in its pursuit of streamlining existing procedures for granting new electricity connections. In line with this commitment, GUVNL has introduced significant procedural reforms, including the development of an online platform known as ‘e-Vidhyut Seva’ and the establishment of a ‘Centralized Processing Centre (CPC)’ for uniformity in document submission and to render hassle-free services to the consumer.

Upon the successful deployment of ‘e-Vidhyut Seva’ and the ‘Centralized Processing Centre (CPC)’, we embarked on a new endeavour to enhance the experience for our esteemed ‘High Tension (HT) Consumers’. Introducing the all-in-one webbased solution, the ‘HT Connection Gateway: Call & Apply’, designed to streamline the process and documents, thereby ensuring the delivery of a seamless and efficient experience for our high-valued customers.


  • Contact DISCOMs for services (new connections, load changes, name changes) via the Central Processing Centre (CPC).
  • Call CPC using the number on the DISCOM’s website.
  • CPC can complete forms for applicants, or applicants may self-serve on the website.
  • Upon registration, receive a unique request number.
  • Post-registration, an SMS with the request number is sent to the registered mobile.

Extending services to applicants’ doorsteps

  • For a site visit for HT Connection, applicants can click ‘Visit Request’ or call the CPC directly.
  • The CPC schedules the visit upon request registration.
  • During the visit, the team registers an account on the portal, scans and uploads documents, and completes E-verification via OTP.
  • A Service Request (SR) is generated for online payment and registration completion.
  • If documents are missing, the CPC team coordinates with the applicant for a follow-up meeting.

FEATURES: “e-Vidhyut Seva” Portal

  • Integrated with DIGI-Locker.
  • Eliminates the need for consumers to visit the Subdivision office.
  • Allows pre-payment of charges.
  • Provides real-time updates on the status of applications.
  • Digital delivery has made the entire process transparent, convenient, and user-friendly


  • DISCOM-wise formation of dedicated CPC.
  • Faceless, paperless, cashless (digital).
  • Processing of applications by a dedicated team.
  • Ensures quick processing of applications & release of connections with transparency.
  • Decouples public dealing from the subdivision.
  • The subdivision would only release the connection.


  • DISCOM team is on the move, delivering ease of living to the doorstep.
  • DISCOM wise Helpline No.
  • A dedicated CPC team will visit consumers with a tablet.
  • Doorstep processing/assistance for quicker service.
  • Saves precious time for consumers by eliminating visits to the division office.
  • Call: DGVCL- 63570 80694, MGVCL 9227807979, PGVCL-9313926166, UGVCL- 6356620021
  • Apply:


Smart metering will revolutionize the billing services of utilities. Instead of relying on billing through manual reading/GPRS, smart meters automatically collect consumption data and transmit it to Distribution companies.

  • Accuracy & Real-time data: Provides precise, real-time data on energy consumption, resulting in accurate billing.
  • Remote reading: Enables remote data collection, eliminating the need for manual meter reading and reducing human errors
  • Billing Transparency: Offers customers a better understanding of their bills and energy usage, fostering trust and transparency.
  • Data analytics: The data collected can be analysed to optimize operations, plan for future capacity, and identify consumption patterns.
  • Time-of-use billing: Supports timeof-use pricing and enables billing based on it.
  • Enhanced customer services: Utility companies can respond faster to inquiries, provide usage insights, and offer better customer service.


  • Digital Seva Setu to collect energy bill payments through e-gram at gram panchayats.
  • Bill payment facility at branches of various banks.
  • Digi Locker Integration.
  • Dynamic QR code on the bill to simplify the process of Vij bill payment.
  • Instant online payment acknowledgment through SMS.
  • MoU with GoI CSC (Common Service Centres) for collecting energy bill payments.
  • Tie-up with online merchants.
  • Bharat Bill Payments System (BBPS).


Gujarat has developed a robust energy infrastructure to ensure efficient power transmission and distribution across the state, facilitating 24×7 reliable electricity supply to 1.71 Cr valued consumers. Gujarat DISCOMs are continuously working on regular maintenance of networks and maintaining a robust system for Quick Response to restoring Faults.


In-house designed software platform, a mobile-based application, crafted for the precise GPS survey of electrical networks.

Geo-mapping of the entire Gujarat Power network:

  • HT Line – 4.93 lakh km
  • LT Line – 2.37 lakh km
  • Transformers – 18.45 lakh
  • HT Consumers – 21,500 Nos.
  • LT Consumers – 181.45 lakh


  • A key tool for restoring power during the Biparjoy Cyclone within 72 hours.
  • Ability to dynamically update, add, or modify information within the electrical network.
  • Empower users to maintain an accurate and up-to-date real-time network.
  • Ensures precision and adaptability in managing electrical infrastructure.
  • Makes the process user-friendly and efficient.
  • Helps to carry out surveys for new connections.
  • Identification of the exact location of consumers.


The Outage Management System (OMS) is the key enabler of identifying and predicting distribution-level outages streamed into the power network Outage Management System with Geospatial Information for DISCOMs and GETCO.


  • Availability of power can be easily viewed from anywhere, anytime.
  • Effective maintenance can be done due to the analysis of location-wise faults.
  • Outage entry done by GETCO and reasons entered by DISCOMs.


SFMS is being implemented under the RDSS scheme on all 66 KV S/s. In this system, the interruption of 11 KV feeders will be recorded automatically instead of the manual entry done by substations in the OMS portal. Moreover, it will also give the live power status of feeders on the live Geo Urja platform. This will further help the fault centre and customer care centre for prompt actions.


  • Real-time monitoring of Substations and feeders.
  • Quicker detection and prompt response to faults and outages.
  • Provides the live power status of feeders on the live Geo Urja platform.
  • Interruption of 11 KV feeders will be recorded automatically instead of the manual entry done by substations in the OMS portal.
  • Integration of SFMS with SCADA for a comprehensive view of the entire distribution network.


  • Efficient 3-tier grievance redressal mechanisms to address consumer concerns and complaints:

I. Circle/Zonal level Forum

II. Company Level forum

III. Ombudsman

  • Chatbot – Ask Deepti – in place for all 4 DISCOMs to assist consumers.
  • DISCOMs have established centralised toll-free Customer Care centres:

DGVCL: 1800 233 3003/19123
MGVCL: 1800 233 2670/19124
PGVCL: 1800 233 155333/19122
UGVCL: 1800 233 155335/19121

WhatsApp nos. for consumer complaints:
DGVCL: 6357097832
MGVCL: 9925218002,
PGVCL: 9512019122,
UGVCL: 9825819121


  • Commitment to address concerns and providing satisfactory solutions.
  • Prevents issues from escalating into major conflicts or disputes. Builds a positive reputation, trust, and credibility.
  • Builds a positive reputation, trust, and credibility.

Gujarat stands at 1st Position in the country for the installation of more than 5.10 lakh Solar Rooftop systems with an aggregate capacity of 2024 MW. The GoI has circulated Gujarat’s Model of Awareness activities to all States in the Country.

  • Enhancement of the lifestyle among residents and the socio-economic pattern in society.
  • Leads to an increase in Per Capita Consumption of electricity.


GUVNL’s initiatives are propelling Gujarat towards a future where power distribution is synonymous with efficiency, transparency, and reliability. As the state continues to embrace technological advancements, the power sector stands as a beacon of progress, contributing significantly to the overall “Ease of Living” for its citizens.

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