Dr. Amit Kumar Jain

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is the vital artery of Delhi’s transportation infrastructure. Boasting an extensive network spanning 392 kilometers across 12 lines operated by DMRC, it facilitates an astounding 7 million passenger journeys per day on weekdays. Renowned as one of the most extensive metro rail systems globally, DMRC is indispensable in facilitating the daily commute for millions of Delhiites.

The vision of DMRC is the ‘Commuting experience in Delhi Metro to be customer’s delight’. Recognizing that ticket purchasing is a pivotal aspect of the overall commuting experience, DMRC has dedicated efforts to simplify ticketing procedures and embrace innovative digital solutions. The ‘Ease of Booking’ program, which aims to revolutionize ticketing by leveraging digital advancements, is central to this endeavor. Through this multifaceted initiative, DMRC seeks to redefine urban travel, offering passengers a seamless and convenient journey from start to finish.

The program is focused on three pillars: multiple ticketing media, multiple channels, and multiple modes of payment.

Multiple Ticketing Media: Recognizing the diverse needs of commuters, DMRC has introduced many options ranging from smart travel cards to National Common Mobility Cards (NCMC) and QR tickets. The introduction of NCMC, an interoperable card, has witnessed remarkable success, with an average of 70,000 daily journeys recorded post the 2023 AFC system upgrade. This seamless integration of various ticketing media streamlines the boarding process and fosters greater accessibility for commuters of all backgrounds. DMRC is actively working to introduce Account Based Ticketing (ABT) and Mobile Phone-based Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies to expand ticketing media further. ABT will facilitate accepting any bank credit/debit card as a travel card. With NFC, the mobile phone could be used as a travel card.

Multiple channels: DMRC’s unwavering focus on providing multiple channels for ticket purchase exemplifies its dedication to catering to the evolving preferences of modern-day travelers. From DMRC’s mobile app (Saarthi) to WhatsApp, PayTM, One Delhi App, TUMMOC App, Ticket Vending Machines, and ticketing windows, DMRC leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that commuters have a plethora of avenues to procure tickets. The introduction of ‘Saarthi (Momentum 2.0)’ mobile app, which seamlessly integrates QR ticketing and services, stands as a testament to DMRC’s commitment to technological innovation. The recently launched One Delhi App facilitates travelers to plan their journeys using both metro and buses in Delhi and buy tickets for both modes of transport. The TUMMOC Mobile app offers multimodal journey planning and booking multiple modes (Auto, Taxi, Bus, and Metro) from one platform.

Multiple modes of payment: With its focus on various channels, DMRC has also championed diverse modes of payment, embracing the digital revolution sweeping across the nation. By accepting credit/debit cards, UPI, Net banking, Amazon Pay, and cash, DMRC has proactively diversified its payment ecosystem, resulting in a commendable around half of ticket transactions now conducted through digital modes. This enhances transaction efficiency and fosters a seamless and hassle-free payment experience for commuters.

The ‘Ease of Booking’ program fundamentally enhances the quality of the commuter experience. Reduction in waiting time, promotion of digital payments, and ease of booking tickets have collectively led to a remarkable customer satisfaction rate. Passengers now have the luxury of purchasing tickets before arriving at the station, significantly minimizing wait times during peak hours.

Moreover, the qualitative benefits of the initiative are equally profound. Passengers now enjoy an improved overall journey experience thanks to streamlined ticketing processes, simplified payment mechanisms, and integrated journey planners via mobile devices. This heightened level of customer satisfaction underscores the success of DMRC’s concerted efforts to prioritize commuter convenience and elevate the urban travel experience to unprecedented heights.

The evolution of ticketing through digital transformation, aimed at enhancing the ‘Ease of Booking’ program, is a prime illustration of how innovation and a focus on customer needs can intersect to reshape urban transit. Through its relentless pursuit of convenience, efficiency, and accessibility, DMRC has simplified ticketing and fundamentally transformed how commuters experience and navigate the vibrant tapestry of Delhi’s public transportation system. As the program continues to evolve and expand its horizons, the future of urban transit in Delhi looks brighter and more promising.

Thoughts shared by Dr. Amit Kumar Jain, Director Operations and Services, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

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