Experian collaborates with Srujna Trust to uplift women’s life


In their mission of driving women empowerment, Experian and Srujna Charitable Trust join hands today to further streamline the ongoing efforts. The move is aimed at uplifting the life standards of 50,000 lower income women by helping them attain financial literacy and management skills through project Laxmi – a financial literacy program. As part of “United for Financial Health”, this development is hailed as Experian’s global corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative.

Experian, the world’s leading global information services company, has worked with Srujna Charitable Trust for the last two years through various charitable projects in India. The “United for Financial Health” global CSR initiative aims to support millions of people marginalised by COVID-19 globally by offering tangible ways to improve financial health and aid on the road to recovery.

Speaking on the development, Neeraj Dhawan, Country Manager, Experian India, says they are delighted to continue the positive work they have been doing with Srujna Charitable Trust and partnering with them as part of Experian’s United for Financial Health global CSR initiative.

“As the world’s largest credit bureau, Experian is in a unique position to help people in India improve their financial health. We are committed to driving financial inclusion by providing tools and knowledge, particularly for marginalised segments of society. By equipping people with fundamental skills such as financial management, they could improve their lives substantially,” said Mr. Dhawan adding that they were looking forward to working with Srujna Charitable Trust to support.

By working with non-profit organisations (NPOs) worldwide to provide tools and resources to educate and uplift consumers, Experian has made 52 million connections with people through “United for Financial Health” in 2021 and has reached 87 million people since its launch in 2020.

Experian’s goal is to make 100 million connections by 2024. In the first year of United for Financial Health’s launch in APAC, Experian reached 382,777 people through a digital literacy online quiz and competition by partnering with non-profit Enrich, in Hong Kong recently.

Highlighting the importance of financial literacy, Jyotika Bhatia, CEO & Co-founder, Srujna Charitable Trust, said that they had built Srujna Charitable Trust to change the lives of poor women, who were unable to improve the quality of their lives despite earning money. Without financial literacy, she emphasised that many of these women did not know how to manage their finances or handed it over to others to do so.

“Financial literacy education for women impacted by poverty has been a dream project for Srujna and with the support of Experian we are able to bring it to life. Doing social impact work on-ground is only possible with the backup provided by well-wishers and we are grateful for everything that Experian and their team have done.” she added.

Srujna Charitable Trust was awarded the ‘Transparency Key’ twice for its transparent financial records management by Guidestar and recognised as the Best Social Enterprise by TiE Hyderabad in 2021. Its financial literacy programme helps participants learn the importance of personal finance management and equip them with tangible tools to set them up for success.