Lockdown 21 days – Edelweiss geared up for productive work from home

Lockdown 21 days - Edelweiss geared up for productive work from home

Even before the lockdown announcements were made and work from home was made compulsory to take for the firms as a preventive measure amid coronavirus outbreak, Edelweiss group was already prepared for the situation. The employees at the company were enabled for working seamlessly from home by using technological tools.

Edelweiss Group partnered with companies like Microsoft, Zscaler and AWS for preparing tools that can improve productivity and provide a better experience for its customers, even in these unprecedented times. At present, over 90 percent of the employees of the company which is around 9000 people have been aided with the technological tools helping them to productively work from home while ensuring no compromise with the security of client’s data or client satisfaction at any point.

Nitin Agarwal, CTO, Edelweiss Group said ‘’ Employees are using digital tools for Online Video Meetings and Secure Instant messaging through Microsoft Teams. They are accessing internal applications hosted on our ‘On-Premises Datacenter’ as well as AWS/ Azure Cloud, using the zero-trust security platforms of Zscaler and Microsoft. Our digital engagement internally has gone up 30 times in the last week. We currently have over 1500 online video meetings/ per day (up from just 30 last week). Our colleagues are exchanging over 50, 000 instant messages daily (up from 2000 messages per day).’’

Edelweiss Group is one of the leading organisations in the Indian financial services and has always posed as a progressive and socially responsible organisation, going beyond profitability to align with societal causes. The company always had a focus that sustainable and responsible growth is the only acceptable model for business. The initiatives taken considering the situation shows proactiveness of the organisation and its timely measures taken to prevent its employees from getting infected and still make them work with equal productivity as in normal times.

Amidst the outbreak of the COVID-19, the company has also issued a travel advisory for its employees asking them not to travel international or domestic unless in a dire need. Also, as a responsible firm, the company has made it mandatory for its employees to report their and their family’s travel history including both international and domestic. Moreover, the Edelweiss has made it mandatory to self-quarantine for 14 days for employees who had to travel due to any emergency.

Focussing on the hygiene, especially during this pandemic, Edelweiss group has sanitised all its premises in Mumbai. Also, for branches in other cities, the schedule for carrying out sanitation has been prepared.

Moreover, as a precautionary measure, all the premises in Mumbai have the facility for no-contact thermal scanning for everyone entering the premises. Further, the visitors are also being advised to sanitise their hands before entering the office. To serve the purpose, the company has placed sanitizer bottles at every entry and exit of the building and its offices.

Amidst the crisis, Edelweiss Group has managed to take the necessary business continuity steps to keep up its client service at highest standards. The officials are in regular contact with their clients via email, website and social media handles.