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Debasish Mukherjee

With a focus on the opportunity to create a secure environment for digital organizations, network security solutions provider SonicWALL believes that smart cities need to have dialogue on how to embrace the digital future and share best practices to help identify the best approaches to tackle challenges and avoid mistakes, says Debasish Mukherjee, Country Manager- SonicWALL India and SAARC, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Debasish Mukherjee

Debasish Mukherjee
Country Manager
SonicWALL India & SAARC

How digitisation is paving the way for emergence of new opportunities for organisations? 

The move towards digital transformation will allow emergence of several opportunities for organisations. SonicWALL wants to focus on the opportunity to create a secure environment for digital organisations, so that they can focus on growth. Creating an environment for the digital economy to grow requires privacy and security of any transaction. The opportunity from SonicWALL’s perspective is to deliver on this baseline. The company offers secure mobile access, which is a flagship product for securing remote customers. With digital business growing, the company is experiencing more demand for Separately Managed Accounts. Similarly, with its advance threat protection solution, the company can offer additional protection from “Ransomware” attacks on its customers.

“SonicWALL has introduced the SonicWALL 2017 Annual Threat Report, offering clients, businesses, cyber security peers, industry, media, and analysts a detailed overview of the state of the cyber security landscape.”

As the digital transformation becomes more pervasive, there will be an increased need for an educated workforce that understands how to lead traditional businesses into the digital world. One of the key opportunities is for the people to be able to translate traditional business requirements into digital products and services. This will create opportunities at both the translation end as well as the implementation end of the spectrum.

As smart cities develop, it is absolutely imperative that a dialogue takes place between them on how to embrace the digital future. Sharing best practices can help identify the best approaches to solve challenges and avoid mistakes. In addition to having city-to-city dialogue, the business community also needs to attain clarity of vision as to what a Smart City should be like and how to get there. At the root of making cities smarter is the understanding of which services people need the most that the Smart City can deliver. Communication and inclusion is the key to success.

Cyber SeurityHow is SonicWALL helping its customers to tackle cyber crime?

In the war against cyber crime, no one can afford to remain indifferent. That’s why it’s crucial that each individual becomes proactive in understanding the innovation and advancements being made on both sides of the cyber security. SonicWALL recently introduced the SonicWALL 2017 Annual Threat Report, offering clients, businesses, cyber security peers, industry media and analysts, a detailed overview of the state of the cyber security landscape. To map the cyber security battlefield, the company studied the data gathered by SonicWALL Global Response Intelligence Defense (GRID) Threat Network throughout the year. The findings supported what we already knew to be true, that is, 2016 was a highly innovative and successful year for both security teams and cyber criminals. SonicWALL used what it learnt from the biggest cyber security threats of 2016 including “Ransomware”, encrypted communications (SSL/TLS) and email-borne attacks, and applied the information to innovate and develop new solutions.

Cyber CrimeHow is SonicWALL utilising research and development to create innovative products?

To stay ahead of ever-evolving online threats, SonicWALL believes that a fair balance between continuous product innovations, customer and partner relationships and sustained support of core, industry-leading products is a must. SonicWALL’s continuous achievements as a driving force in cyber security innovation have helped make the company a global leader in its domain. Today, SonicWALL clients’ networks are protected by one of the most advanced tools in the market – the cloud-based Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service. SonicWALL’s team of product engineers have realised that for advanced threat protection solutions to truly stop unknown and zero-day attacks, they would have to use a multi-engine approach leveraging cloud-based sandboxing and would need to provide simple, automated remediation.

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