Jan Suvidha Kendra

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The JSK is an attempt to provide efficient and responsive platform for handling public grievances. It is based on Service Oriented Architecture and seeks to improve transparency in grievance redressal procedures and increase the efficiency of existing office staff so that people can have access to desired services in a timely manner

Project for serving the citizens
The Jan Suvidha Kendra (JSK) was first started in Jhansi district ofegov Uttar Pradesh, and since then it has been replicated in many other districts. The project has led to egov2the creation of a platform for contact less, quick, responsive, cost-time-labour saving, easily accessible 24X7 service for speedy and qualitative disposal of public grievances. The four most important requirements essential for any e-governance initiative to be successful are Reliability, Replicability, Sustainability and Security. The JSK project fulfils all these four requirements.

 The Jan Suvidha Kendra aims to provide services in a professional and citizen friendly environment by:
• Saving precious time, cost & labour of people visiting Officers/ office time and again for getting information, lodging complaints & inquiring their status, etc.
• Reducing the response time of the concerned department and increase in their accountability and efficiency
• Streamlining the functioning of office using the latest tools available with Information & Communication Technology like SMS and internet
• Reduce duplication of efforts, thereby improving the efficiency and productivity of manpower at the office setup
• Ensuring constant and effective communication throughout the process of disposal of grievance


I. Mobile / basic phone based G2C e-governance initiative for redressing public grievances effectively.
• For bridging the digital divide and communication gap, the most potent, reliable, easily accessible, time-cost-labour effective platform is telephone (Mobile/ Landline).
• This project has effectively used the best features of telephone like call features, SMS based feature, Internet browsing feature, etc., for effective redressal of the grievances of common man.

II. Call recording feature
In JSK each and every incoming call and outgoing call is automatically recorded by  the voice logger software, which saves the complete call conversation with telephone number, date, time and file name.  This unique feature is useful for:
• Extracting more details regarding the grievance registered at any point of time.
• It also ensures extending warm welcome and positive response by the staff / officers deployed at Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra.
• It is very useful for filtering and sorting out, fallacious and false complaints.

III. Round the clock availability of services
The services of JSK are available round the clock (24x7x365) so that no aggrieved person goes unattended at any point of time.

IV. Effective use of SMS services
JSK has effectively demonstrated the beneficial use of Short Message Services (SMS) feature of mobile telephone for:
• Intimating the aggrieved person his/her grievance number and other details
• Intimating the concerned department officer regarding details of grievance through SMS for quick and positive response.
• Intimating the aggrieved person regarding disposal details through SMS as soon as the grievance is disposed within the
specified time.
• Intimating the concerned officer regarding disposal of the grievance pending with him.
• Intimating the administrative officers of JSK and all the Head of Departments of district every day about total grievance
status of district / department.
• When any grievance is shifted from normal pending status to a default status, Internet generated automatic SMS is sent to aggrieved person and officer concerned intimating the present status and to clear the pendency as soon as possible.

V. 100 percent cross verification of disposal details of every grievance
Each and every disposal detail is cross verified by the officers and staff deployed at JSK by calling the aggrieved person, intimating him regarding the disposal details and also taking his feedback in this regard, thus ensuring time bound effective and qualitative disposal of grievance. In case of dissatisfaction of the complainant the concerned officer is asked to
look into it again accordingly.

VI. Ensuring constant and effective communication
Throughout the process of receiving, registering, intimating, monitoring, disposing grievances and cross verification
of disposed grievances JSK staff keeps itself personally in touch both with the aggrieved person and concerned officer
through active call and SMS

VII. Regular monitoring at highest level
Pending status, default status of grievances, disposal quality of grievances registered, is being monitored on daily and weekly basis by the Chairman and the Administrators of JSK. The concerned officials talk to the complainants on regular basis by phone.

VIII. Strengthening the Right To Information Act (RTI)2005
The complete data (aggrieved person’s personal detail, contact number, brief summary of grievance, the department/ officer responsible for disposal, disposal details, etc.,) is available on the website of Jan Suvidha Kendra for administrative purposes


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