High growth through Innovation

Shibu Paul,
Country Manager, Array Network

“The first major breakthrough for us in the country was the project that we executed for UIDAI,” says Shibu Paul. In conversation with Sruti Ghosa

Please give us an overview of the work that Array is doing in India?
We started in the year 2000, when engineers from few companies moved out to form Array Network. In India, we started our operations in 2008. Array delivers multiple products, but we are primarily focused on application delivery programmes, in which we have been quite successful. We partnered with TCS and started delivering our solutions to the government. The first two years were quite difficult for us and after that we won the UIDAI project, which was a breakthrough for us. We are playing a role in the management of the data, which goes into the Aadhaar data centres.

In the government, the decision making is typically slow. What are the challenges that you face in this sector?
One of the major challenges that we face with government has to do with predictability. The uncertainty that is there in the government project is huge. The UIDAI project happened in three months time, but some of the treasury projects that we have participated in have taken long as eighteen months. When your projects take so much time to get cleared it becomes a huge challenge to manage the business.

What are your policy expectations from the Government?
Currently we are forced to pay very high custom duties; the government should do something about it. The government must come up with the policies that lead to growth of the economy. Only when there is all-round economic growth that the IT sector can grow.

Tell us about Array’s scale of operations in India? What are your plans of expansion?
We started from scratch and now we are a significantly larger team. We are now also planning to set up R&D centres in India. We are also looking at the manufacturing sector in India for the products which can be conceived in India. We are chalking out aggressive strategies for growth in India.