Innovative Recording Solution

Danny Nagdev,
Namit Kasliwal,
Ratul Dutta,

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation, India

MKCL- Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited- is a public limited company established by the Government of Maharashtra, to create new paradigm in education and socio-economic development through universalisation and integration of Information Technology in development processes by bridging the Digital Divide. MKCL delivers 8+ hours of Lectures daily on .Net and Java Software development track at 6+ locations spread across India through Video Conferencing. A need was felt to record these live lectures for repeated viewing by students.

MKCL devised a Recording solution which was a low cost, high quality, easy to use, maintenance free and required low disk space. This solution also allows to convert the recordings in different formats for streaming the lectures on dissimilar devices like iPods, Web Browsers, etc. This article talks about the problem description, evaluation methodology, proposed solution and benefits of the proposed solution

In a short span of six years, MKCL has emerged as a high-tech and high-touch initiative focused on design, development and delivery of innovative eLearning, eGovernance, and eEmpowerment technologies, solutions and services to the masses. MKCL’s technology and management frameworks are comparable to the best in terms of architecture, performance, mass personalised services and direct value addition to its millions of customers in India and abroad. MKCL incorporates a world class work environment, including a state-of-the-art software development facility, high-end server infrastructure and broadband connectivity.

Introduction to MKCL Finishing Schools

MKCL Finishing Schools has a transformative agenda of shaping the destiny of young graduates for emerging knowledge-based society. It builds a “Bridge from College to Careers” in the form of courses imparting actionable Academics knowledge leading to rewarding careers. MKCL Finishing Schools conducts several advanced courses in many cities of India.

Due to the scarcity of quality teachers it was decided that the courses would be conducted through Video conferencing which would facilitate two way interactions between the students and the teachers across India.

MKCL Finishing Schools Network Architecture

Video Conferencing requires various high-end equipments and stable network connectivity.

The equipments used at MKCL Finishing schools comprise of a Central Multi Conferencing Unit (MCU), Central Studio and Remote end Video Conferencing Equipment.

MKCL Finishing Schools are connected to the MCU using a 512Kbps dedicated MPLS VPN Network. Backup of 384 Kbps per site is also provided by using Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

A brief description and features of the Video Conferencing equipments used are given below:

Multi Conferencing Unit or Multi Control Unit (MCU)

Multi Conferencing Unit or Multipoint Control Unit is a device in videoconferencing that connects two or more audiovisual terminals together into one single videoconference call. The MCU collects information about the capabilities of the systems at each of the videoconference endpoints and sets the conference at the lowest common denominator so that everyone can participate.

Features offered by the MCU are as follows:

Multi-network support for voice, video, and unified conferences: IP (H.323) and ISDN (H.320) video, PSTN and VoIP voice.

Audio and video system capacities

Audio: PSTN, 480 ports, VoIP, 384 ports.

Video: H.320 ISDN/T1 @ 384 kbps,
61 ports, H.320 ISDN/E1 @ 384 kbps, 64 ports, H.323 IP @ 384 kbps, 192 port.s

Transcoding: Audio Algorithms G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.723, G.728, Siren 7, Siren 14, Networks