Prime Minister Modi

Embarking on a visionary journey, Gujarat, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, is set to redefine its global standing by emerging as a powerhouse in green hydrogen technology.

Gujarat’s extensive coastline and business-friendly policies make it an ideal location for the burgeoning green hydrogen sector, driven by Prime Minister Modi’s vision. The Prime Minister envisions Gujarat becoming the world’s largest green hydrogen center, attracting $8-10 billion in clean energy investments. “A sprawling green hydrogen ecosystem will be built along our shores, producing significant amounts of this fuel for India’s transition away from fossil fuels,” emphasized Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Recognizing green hydrogen’s transformative impact on global geopolitics in this century’s evolving energy landscape, PM Modi sees Gujarat well-placed to lead in the worldwide adoption of hydrogen cell technologies, especially as automakers explore this innovative avenue. “Green hydrogen is the energy of the future. The entire global system will shift. All energy sources will shift. And the pioneers in green hydrogen will be the leaders. Gujarat has already developed a policy in this area, and the Indian government has also taken steps in this direction. On Gujarati soil, we’ll witness investments coming from all over the world,” according to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister’s forward-thinking vision aligns seamlessly with Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of sustainable development. The transition to green fuels in Gujarat not only addresses air pollution concerns but also stimulates a substantial influx of investments, generating thousands of local jobs, particularly in coastal regions like Kachchh and Bhavnagar.

Already setting the foundation to become India’s green hydrogen manufacturing hub, Gujarat is securing its dominance in the industrial sector. Key players, including Reliance, Adani, ArcelorMittal, and Torrent, have pledged substantial investments in green energy projects, solidifying the state’s position. The recent collaboration with Erisha E Mobility, which specializes in green hydrogen technologies, further accentuates Gujarat’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Erisha E Mobility’s Rs. 5,000 crore investment in Gujarat aims to establish a comprehensive ecosystem leveraging the state’s abundant solar and wind resources. This initiative is expected to reinforce Gujarat’s leadership in India’s clean energy transition, bolstered by proactive policies encouraging private investment in the green hydrogen sector.

The partnership with NHPC for the proposed 750 MW Kuppa Pumped Hydro Storage Project exemplifies the collaborative efforts towards sustainable energy solutions. NHPC’s estimated Rs. 4,000 crore investment, supported by the Government of Gujarat, underscores the potential of pumped hydro storage projects as effective solutions for energy storage, providing significant employment opportunities and contributing to the local economy.

KP Group’s substantial investment of Rs. 17,690 crores, as outlined in two MoUs with the Gujarat government, solidifies the state’s position in the renewable energy sector. The investment spans various renewable energy projects, including a significant allocation for the establishment of a green hydrogen plant.

Aligned with PM Modi’s visionary outlook, India, driven by Gujarat’s initiatives, is poised to lead the way in green hydrogen technology and its diverse applications, contributing to the global mission of creating a cleaner and more sustainable world.


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