Shri Mayur Maheshwari, IAS

Aligning closely with the state’s broader vision to achieve a 1 trillion-dollar economy, Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Authority (UPSIDA) continues to play a pivotal role in realising Uttar Pradesh’s economic potential and prosperity, shares Shri Mayur Maheshwari, IAS, Chief Executive Officer, UPSIDA in an exclusive interaction with Abhineet Kumar & Muskan Jaiswal of Elets News Network (ENN). Edited excerpts:

What are the key policies and initiatives implemented by UPSIDA to foster economic growth and development in Uttar Pradesh? How do these policies align with the broader vision of Uttar Pradesh to become a 1 trillion dollar economy?

UPSIDA, as the primary agency for industrial development in the state, is committed to implementing a range of policies and initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth and development in Uttar Pradesh (UP). These efforts play a crucial role in supporting the ambitious goal set by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of UP, Shri Yogi Adityanath, to achieve a 1 trillion-dollar economy.

Some key policies and initiatives spearheaded by UPSIDA to bolster economic growth in the state:

  • 34 Services Online: UPSIDA has revolutionised its service delivery by offering 34 online services, minimising physical interactions between stakeholders and Regional Managerial (RM) offices. This digitalization drive has resulted in a significant increase in plot allotments, doubling from 220 in FY 20 to 450 in FY 23. Notably, over the past four years, UPSIDA has cumulatively allotted over 1400 acres of land, catalysing a three-fold increase in production, from 403 units in FY 2019-20 to 1211 units in FY 22-23.
  • Online Building Plan Approval System: To streamline the cumbersome building plan approval process, UPSIDA has introduced a user-friendly online system, expediting construction projects and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Transparent Plot Auctioning: UPSIDA ensures fairness and transparency in plot allocation through a secure e-Auction portal, managed by the State Bank of India (SBI). This transparent process not only fosters investor confidence but also promotes healthy competition, thereby enriching the investment landscape in UP.
  • Amendments in Building Bylaws: UPSIDA has proactively revised its building bylaws to accommodate purchasable Floor Area Ratio (FAR) rules, subdivision policies, and provisions for the cancellation and buyback of unutilized plots. Furthermore, UPSIDA is committed to acquiring new land banks to meet the escalating demands of investors, ensuring sustainable development across the state.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Centre: In its pursuit of excellence in customer service, UPSIDA has established a state-of- the-art CRM Centre. This facility is designed to address a wide range of investor inquiries promptly and efficiently. By adopting a structured approach, UPSIDA aims to expedite query resolution, ensuring optimal investor satisfaction. Moreover, the provision of a toll-free helpline (0120- 4401000) underscores UPSIDA’s commitment to providing accessible and responsive support to its stakeholders.

These initiatives underscore UPSIDA’s unwavering commitment to fostering a conducive business environment, promoting transparency, and catalysing industrial growth and development across Uttar Pradesh. By aligning closely with the state’s broader vision to achieve a 1 trillion-dollar economy, UPSIDA continues to play a pivotal role in realising Uttar Pradesh’s economic potential and prosperity.

What major infrastructure projects is UPSIDA currently undertaking to support industrial growth and attract investments in Uttar Pradesh? How is UPSIDA ensuring that infrastructure development is equitable across different regions of Uttar Pradesh?

UPSIDA is constantly working towards the upliftment of the industrial sector in the state and in line with that, it is in a constant process of developing flagship projects across UP to facilitate every sector across UP.

The Flagship Projects that run under UPSIDA to uplift the industrial development in the state are-

  • Itra Park in Kannauj: Phase 1 of the park, handed over successfully, received high demand and favourable response, leading to the ongoing development of Phase 2.
  • Trans Ganga City, Unnao: This ambitious project covers 1144 Acres and aims to bolster industrial infrastructure in Unnao.
  • Saraswati HiTech City, Prayagraj: Saraswati Hitech is being developed as an Industrial Model Township at Naini, Allahabad with industrial, residential and commercial sectors. Spreads over 1138.78 Acres.
  • Mega Food Park Baheri, Bareilly: A 250-acre food park is designed to offer a host of investment opportunities for the food processing industry in the state.
  • Flatted Factory, Gautam Buddh Nagar: UPSIDA’s flagship project located at EPIP Kasna, Surajpur, Gautam Buddh Nagar. A project with plug & play facility for multiple units to boost industrial production in Uttar Pradesh.

With the upcoming projects the authority is in regular run to expand the industrial horizons-

  • Integrated Manufacturing Clusters in Agra and Prayagraj: UPSIDA, in partnership with NICDC, is developing two IMC spanning 1058 Acres in Agra and 1139 + 231 Acres in Prayagraj.
  • Development of State-of-the-Art Industrial Areas: UPSIDA is actively working on establishing new industrial areas in Hathras, Pilibhit, and Kosi kotwan.
  • Dedicated Pharma Park in Lalitpur: Spanning 1472 Acres, Phase 1 of this project covering 300 Acres is currently underway.

Infrastructure Upgradation: UPSIDA focuses on upgrading ageing infrastructure in existing Industrial Areas through various schemes, including the Atal Industrial Infrastructure Mission. Over 600 crores have been allocated for Phase 1 and Phase 2, with an additional 1500 Crore planned for Phase 3. UPSIDA is also undertaking development works in Industrial Areas previously handed over to ULBs and utilising funds from schemes like PM Gati Shakti Revolving Fund and the GoUP Infrastructure Development Fund etc. These initiatives rekect UPSIDA’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure across Uttar Pradesh, thereby fostering industrial growth and attracting investments to the region. Expenditure on infrastructure increased with average YoY growth of 12%.

Enhancing safety with ‘Safe Industrial Areas’ is another great initiative on the lines of ‘Safe city project’

Addressing safety concerns in poorly lit areas, UPSIDA has successfully installed over 25,800 streetlights in industrial zones, with an additional 7,350 underway. Complemented by 500 high masts, these lights illuminate even the darkest corners, significantly enhancing security and fostering a sense of well-being for those working and residing in these areas. Safety measures extend beyond lighting, with 630 high-tech cameras strategically placed across key points in Industrial Areas. Monitored by a centralised Integrated Control and Command Center (ICCC), these cameras ensure round-the- clock vigilance and swift responses to potential security threats.

Recognizing the pivotal role of the women workforce in industrial development, UPSIDA has woven its well-being into its core initiatives. Dedicated help desks in all offices offer support, while clean and secure spaces in Common Facility Centers provide havens. The construction of secure Pink Dormitories in Sandila, Kosi Kotwan, and MG Road is underway, promising convenient and secure housing for women workers to enhance work-life balance. Prerna canteens have been established in every industrial area to open employment opportunities for women. Prioritising cleanliness aligns with the Swachh Bharat Mission’s vision, UPSIDA has constructed 32 pink and community toilets, with 22 more under construction. This initiative promotes hygiene and sanitation, uplifting the overall quality of life for everyone under the Safe Industrial office.

For better organisation and management of industrial areas, UPSIDA is now awarding composite Annual Maintenance Contracts for civil works in 60 Industrial areas across Uttar Pradesh, with an estimated expenditure of approximately 47 Crores. The underlying idea is to use the maintenance charges collected from a particular IA in that IA only, optimising the utilisation of maintenance charges collected. Enhancing the use of technology, we are implementing QR codes for easy registration of complaints related to street lights in all the particular IAs. QR codes are being installed at prominent locations in IAs, allowing citizens to scan the QR code and register their grievances directly.

How is UPSIDA promoting investment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh, especially targeting key sectors for growth? What strategies are being implemented to attract both domestic and foreign investments into the state?

UPSIDA has implemented various strategic initiatives to promote investment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh. It has established a dedicated Business Promotion & Publicity Cell (BPPC) staffed with in-house Investment Promotion Experts, focusing on extensive outreach activities such as global and domestic events, exhibitions, social media engagement, press releases, and outdoor media campaigns. This proactive approach aims to attract both domestic and foreign investments into Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, UPSIDA strategically develops sector-specific Industrial Parks tailored to the strengths of different regions in the state, actively promoting investments through participation in industry-specific exhibitions and expos. Notably, UPSIDA’s participation at the Uttar Pradesh Investor’s Summit 2023 (UPITS) showcased the state’s investment opportunities on a global stage, earning the organisation recognition with the first prize in the event’s inaugural edition.

UPSIDA has conducted investment outreach activities in Hyderabad, which is a prominent pharmaceutical hub in the country. This initiative aims to attract investments into the upcoming Pharma Park in Lalitpur, leveraging the strategic location and potential of the region. These strategies collectively underscore UPSIDA’s commitment to promoting investment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh, attracting both domestic and foreign investments into the state, and facilitating sustainable economic growth and development.

What measures has UPSIDA taken to improve the ease of doing business in Uttar Pradesh for entrepreneurs and businesses? How are you addressing regulatory hurdles and streamlining processes to encourage entrepreneurship and investment?

UPSIDA’s commitment to enhancing ease of doing business is evident through its seamless transition to a digital framework, offering 34 online e-services through Nivesh Mitra resulting in an impressive user satisfaction rate of 96%. The integration of the Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has significantly enhanced efficiency, reducing processing times by 18%.

Furthermore, the UPSIDA mobile application provides allottees with unparalleled ease in accessing vital information and services, further reinforcing UPSIDA’s commitment to leverage technology for the benefit of investors and promoting a conducive business environment in Uttar Pradesh.

What is UPSIDA’s approach towards promoting sustainable development while pursuing economic growth and industrial expansion? How are environmental concerns and sustainability being integrated into the planning and execution of infrastructure and industrial projects?

UPSIDA recognizes the importance of sustainable development alongside economic growth and industrial expansion and has adopted various strategies to integrate environmental concerns and sustainability into its projects.

Inclusivity in Industrial Parks: UPSIDA prioritises inclusivity by strengthening Truckers Parks with driver amenities, special pick-and-drop facilities for women, crèches for children, establishing skill development centres, and conducting regular health camps. These efforts contribute to the overall well-being of the industrial workforce.

Development of Green Spaces: UPSIDA demonstrates a commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability through the development of green spaces using the Miyawaki technique. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of industrial areas but also promotes biodiversity and ecosystem restoration.

Promotion of Renewable Energy: UPSIDA promotes the use of renewable energy sources within industrial parks. One such initiative includes the installation of Solar PV Cells on the rooftops of official buildings. By harnessing solar energy, UPSIDA reduces carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.
Through these initiatives, UPSIDA aims to foster sustainable development practices while supporting economic growth and industrial expansion, ensuring a harmonious balance between environmental conservation and industrial progress.


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