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Under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh has achieved a monumental milestone by simultaneously launching investment projects exceeding Rs 10 lakh crore, marking a historic first in the nation. The initiative, comprising over 14,000 projects, promises to generate employment opportunities for 34 lakh youths in the foreseeable future.

The state’s remarkable transformation, spearheaded by CM Yogi’s relentless crackdown on crime and corruption, has earned the unshakable trust of investors, propelling Uttar Pradesh into a prime investment destination. With a renewed focus on the rule of law, enhanced infrastructure, and improved ‘ease of doing business,’ domestic and foreign industrialists are increasingly drawn to the state.

Key infrastructure developments, including an extensive network of highways, expressways, and link roads, coupled with investor-friendly policies facilitating hassle-free establishment of industrial units, have bolstered Uttar Pradesh‘s appeal to investors. The recent implementation of investment proposals worth around Rs 40 lakh crore, following the Global Investors Summit underscores the state’s growing economic prowess.

During the recent budget session, CM Yogi highlighted Uttar Pradesh’s emergence as a vibrant business hub, attributing its success to robust law and order measures, streamlined administrative procedures, and transparent policies. The state’s imminent achievement of hosting 21 airports, alongside significant expressway projects, further solidifies its position as a beacon of economic growth.

Under CM Yogi’s stewardship, Uttar Pradesh has transcended its erstwhile BIMARU status to become the country’s second-largest economy, contributing 9.2 percent to the national GDP. The state’s per capita income has doubled, marking a significant milestone in its journey toward economic prosperity.

The Government’s proactive approach, exemplified by the Ground Breaking Ceremony 4.0 (GBC@4.0), affirms its commitment to realizing Uttar Pradesh‘s full economic potential. With investments spanning diverse sectors and covering every district, GBC@4.0 promises inclusive growth and development across the state.


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