Transforming Tumakuru and Davanagere as Smart Cities

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Anirudh Sravan

Tumakuru is one of the Smart Cities in Karnataka under the Smart Cities Mission announced by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. It is known as the city of education and city of coconuts and is one of the industrial cities located in Karnataka. Anirudh Sravan, CEO and MD of Tumakuru Smart City Ltd and Davanagere Smart City Ltd, shares the vision, goals and objectives, in an interview with T Radhakrishna of Elets News Network (ENN).

“As part of the smart parks, facilities such as open gym, vending kiosks, interactive wall, compost bins, street furnitures, sculptures, benches, pavers, gazebos, etc are planned.”

What is the long term vision of Tumakuru Smart City Ltd?

Our vision is to transform Tumakuru from a mere edge city of Bengaluru to the most preferred destination within the region with a strong focus on economic development and provision of enhanced connectivity, high quality of life, ecological, integration and inclusive development.

Would you share your goals and objectives?

Some of our goals are: Quality of life: Renewing public infrastructure and utilities like water supply, sanitation facilities, roads and other facilities and systems, which keep the city functional and meet core needs of people elemental to improving quality of life.

Mobility and Accessibility: Focus is on upgrading the existing infrastructure and enabling better feeder systems. The development of a multi-modal system of walking, cycling and transit will provide the transportation balance. We need methods by which people can get around which not only increases the universal accessibility but even affordability.

Ecology and Environment: Tumakuru will foster rejuvenation and preservation of the natural environment, reducing its carbon footprint and building the city in an environmentally sound manner that will benefit future generations.

Governance and Public Service Management: Tumakuru will work towards continuously improving policies, capacity building and ease of doing business. Continuing to hold the public’s trust through inclusive, transparent and fair decision making, responsible financial management, superior service delivery and effective communications will ensure sustained growth and a thriving city.

Which are the projects initiated for the Smart City?

Kindly elaborate. We are working on many projects like solar rooftop panels on Government buildings, smart park, smart lounge, redevelopment of multi-speciality hospital with medical college, smart bus shelters, PU college precinct revitalisation, Aamanikere lake revival and rejuvenation, lake revival pan-city, afforestation plan, rooftop rain water harvesting, etc.

As part of solar rooftop for public building, we identified and surveyed 45 properties. Of which 33 come under Government-owned and remaining 12 are private properties. We plan to generate 1.5 to 2 MW capacity of solar rooftop considering all the government and private buildings. The estimated cost of the initiative is Rs 77 crore. People-friendly initiatives such as citizens’ outreach programme is being planned for rooftop solar power panels.

As part of the smart parks, facilities such as open gym, vending kiosks, interactive wall, compost bins, street furnitures, sculptures, benches, pavers, gazebos, etc are planned.

Under smart lounge, our objective is to provide services such as e-library, Tumakuru-One, ATM, café, toilet, pantry (takeaway), urban health centres, Sakala Mission: guarantee of services to citizens, etc. Our plan is to set up 15 smart lounges in Tumakuru at a cost of Rs 4 crore.

A super special hospital under privatepublic partnership is being planned at a cost of Rs 300 crore. As part of the project, we made a market study and visited institutions such as district hospital, Aruna hospital, Bharathi hospital, Hemavathi Orthopaedic and Trauma Centre, Vasan Eye Care, New Goutham Hospital, Jayashree Hospital, Charaka Hospital, Shridevi Hospital, Shree Siddhartha Hospital, Tumkur Kidney Care Centre Kasturba Hospital, B Siddaramana Hospital, Fortis Adarsha Hospital, etc. The proposed super specialty hospital is expected to have departments such as cardiology, CTVS, nephrology, urology, neurosurgery, neurology, oncology.

For PU college precint revitalisation, we are planning facilities like pedestrianisation and public placemaking, integrating city level green, recreational space, sustainable educational, infrastructure development, learning aids and skill development, restoration and enhancement of cultural history, improving edge conditions and imageability. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 15 crore. Other important projects include Amanikere lake revival and rejuvenation, lake revival – plan city (smart water management) (Rs 35 crore), afforestation plan (Rs 18 crore), rooftop rainwater harvesting (Rs 5 crore), etc.

Projects Initiated in Tumakuru and Davanagere
Name of Project Approximate Coste
Smart Lounge Rs 4 crore
Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Rs 5 crore
PU College Precint Revitalisation Rs 15 crore
Afforestation Plan Rs 18 crore
Lake Revival – Plan City (Smart Water Management) Rs 35 crore
Solar rooftop for public building Rs 77 crore
Super Special Hospital Rs 300 crore
Source: Office of chairman, Board of Directors of Tumakuru Smart City Ltd.

You are CEO and MD for both Smart Cities – Tumakuru and Davanagere in Karnataka. How do you plan projects for both cities?

Our plan for both cities is common. What we initiate projects in Tumakuru will take place in Davanagere too.

What is the status of funds from Government of India and Government of Karnataka towards the Smart Cities – Tumakuru and Davanagere?

We have received funds from Government of India and Government of Karnataka for both Smart Cities – Tumakuru and Davanagere. Tumakuru Smart City Ltd has received Rs 100 crore from Government of India and is going to get equal amount from Government of Karnataka.

Davanagere Smart City Ltd has got Rs 394 crore from both Government of India and Government of Karnataka.

We should we expect from within the next three to six months?

We are finalising Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) of some projects. We shall be tendering some of the projects in the next few months.

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