E-transactions cross Rs 1,000 cr mark in India this year

E-transactions in India have crossed the mark of Rs 1, 000 crore this year, a 33 per cent increase from last year’s 760 crore, according to the government web portal eTaal.

The portal issues statistics of national and state level e-transactions which it receives from web-based applications periodically on near real-time basis and then presents quick analysis of transaction counts in tabular and graphical form.

“Based on the analysis by eTaal, since 2014, there has been a mass increase in the number of e-transactions undertaken by the e-governance projects. The total e-transactions were around 350 crore in 2014, and increased to 760 crore in 2015,” said a statement issued by eTaal.

The portal takes into account all e-transactions delivering public services from the government to citizens across categories such as agriculture, health, transportation, telecommunication and MNREGA.