Five Things to Remember For Cyber Security

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cyber-attackIn the wake of various data breaches in the recent times, there are five important lessons which have been observed to be useful in preventing most of the data breaches while making the system less vulnerable.

The steps may hold high significance, considering that in 2015, cyber-attacks and big data breaches on various Indian organizations made it to the headlines. The security breaches exposed important government records, emails, financial information (debit/credit card details) and other personal information to cyber criminals.

According to a Global Security Survey conducted by PWC, there is an increase of 117 per cent average number of information security incidents detected by respondents from 2,895 in 2014 to 6,284 in 2015.

The precautions could be highly helpful since it has been observed that hackers are capable of hacking and subverting billions of USB devices.

From keyboards to printers and thumb drives to data from warehouses, these hackers can penetrate any level of security. It has increased vulnerabilities of our computer systems and victimizes people of adverse data breaches on different IT platforms.

So what are the most important lessons derived on the basis of various data breaches:

End-to-End Encryption:

End-to-End Encryption is one of the easiest way to protect PCs, USB devices, stored data and removable media. Its features like full disk encryption, file encryption, and removable media encryption protects against all threats even if device is lost or stolen.

Audit Trails:

It is impossible to monitor the stored data 24X7, in such situation audit trails help in tracking system or device’s activity, to determine the level of data breach. Storing audit trails remotely, where actually they can only be appended to, can keep intruders from covering their paths. Chronological sequence of the breaches, if any occurred is provided by audit trails makes you feel secure even when you’re not accessing your devices.

Timely Software Updates:

Cyber criminals and hackers always try to find out a small error to peep into your system. Any outdated software can easily give them access & control of your devices and system to  steal profound data. To avoid such gaps, software publishers fix these gaps that by publishing new updates make your system error free, safer and secure towards any possible threats. It is must for every user to update their softwares regularly so that to avoid loss of any important records/information.

Securing codes:

Security codes such as passwords, user pins, etc. are really important in order to protect the data/important records from manipulation of data, or other illegal operations. Security codes must be of unique pattern and to avoid any easy access and or guessing by hackers or cyber criminals. Security codes at every level result into better safety and prevention from threats and vulnerabilities.

Create Backups:

Backups are the best methods of preventing data loss. Regular data backup allows every organization or a person to backup the entire data/records which one can access in case of any unavoidable data loss.

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