‘E-Patrachaar’ is new way to communicate within Modi Govt

Narendra ModiIn yet another move to give a boost to the Digital India programme, the Narendra Modi Government has decided to do away with the movement of physical files between government departments for day-to-day communications. Now on, digital tool ‘E-Patrachaar’ would be used for routine communications within the government.

The new system of communication has been introduced on the Prime Minister‘s eSamikSha portal and it will be used to monitor all major government projects and initiatives. The ‘E-Patrachaar’ module incorporated into the platform recently has led to meeting notices and agendas, circulars, letters and minutes of meetings being emailed to recipients. This will help track, improve and speed up communications between various implementing agencies.

All the correspondence done using the new mechanism is also displayed through notifications on the eSamikSha dashboard, which can be seen by all the ministries concerned for prompt action. There is also an online central repository of all documents for easy retrieval. Besides, an E-Patrachaar notice board and E-Patrachaar highlighter have also been set up on the eSamikSha portal to display circulars uploaded for various ministries.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) also sends SMS alerts to a user’s mobile phone when a communique is issued, thus eliminating the need to send physical notices. A feature on the eSamikSha platform supports sending automailers and SMS notifications, including when the target date for a project is near or additions are to be made on action points.

Four state governments and 14 central ministries and departments have already replicated the eSamikSha model to monitor their own schemes.