Solutions for Seamless eGovernance in Education: Puneet Kumar

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Puneet Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director at NYSA Communications

NYSA Communications offers turnkey solutions pan India, especially in the field of education, and helps educational institutions in developing and maintaining the education management solutions. Puneet Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director at NYSA Communications, in an interview with Seema Gupta of Elets News Network (ENN), speaks about how the company is helping education move to the next level

Can you explicate the work done by NYSA in the field of education and technology?

NYSA, a pioneer educational software development and consultation, majorly focuses into manpower development, turnkey solutions, assessment, training and certification and project-based consultancy. We have been successfully providing education solutions to more than 500 large and medium-sized clients around the globe. Our mission is to reform the education sector in developing countries by establishing effective ‘administrative and e-governance solutions’ through our automation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

NYSA takes care of the entire academic administrative activities and provides services to more than two million customers annually. We have a target of $10 million of annual revenue and over 300 employees. Our web-based education management solution caters to both; large and small enterprises in real time. Needs of both large and small educational institutions are kept in mind while developing and maintaining the education management solution.

The ERP system combines all aspects of an educational institute including academics, admission, fee management, campus management, placement management which can be customisable according to clients’ requirements. It integrates all the essential functionalities of an educational organisation through a single database system.

We provide end-to-end solutions right from designing and printing the papers, providing infrastructure, from the registration of candidate, to fee payment, seating arrangement, etc. Since most of the state government departments perform this task manually, there is always a big challenge of integrating the data in their information system. NYSA, turnkey assessment and evaluation is preferred by various state governments.

What about the NYSA’s international presence?

NYSA has bagged few good international contracts. We have also been chosen by Uganda’s (Africa) education department. They wanted us to digitise the entire administration of education department and bring them into one banner and system. NYSA will help them with a holistic data analysis. Furthermore, Middle East is another region where the school and college infrastructure is not integrated and we are looking forward to take this opportunity and work in this field.

Explain the importance of Wi-Fi campus and networking.

By leveraging communication networks like WiFi, education institutions can improve the teaching and learning experience and boost staff and faculty productivity. Our campus Wi-Fi solutions provide a wireless canopy offering convenient, widely available, high-speed wireless network access to the campus community.

What are the innovations and other verticals the company plans to expand into?

NYSA has developed an integrated university management system (UMS) which is webbased software for effective and efficient management of university. UMS develops and supports all the major universities and provide end-to-end management systems viz admission, administrative, academic, examination, HR, finance, library, transportation.

Most sought out solution is DigiCampus, which is a complete management software designed to automate a college’s diverse online, academic, communication and management operations. It develops and supports all the major campus-wide administrative and other management systems.

Our ‘Plan my School’ is a web-based school management system designed for better interaction between parents, students, teachers and management. This software effectively and efficiently handles all the requirements of the schools.

What are the new initiatives taken by you in the field of education in India?

NYSA e–systems solutions are a huge hit at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), one of the best institutions in our country and Maharishi Dayanand University. Online solutions provided by NYSA helped JNU, which handles over 1,00,000 applications. Our solution was a blend of online and offline activities. With the implementation of our service, the students located outside the country were able to take admission without being physically present for fulfilling the minute formalities. Today, students from other countries don’t have to come to India to take admissions at JNU and can apply online. Meanwhile, NYSA system helped enhance the rating of Maharishi Dayanand University, a higher education institution established in 1976 in Rohtak.

We provide end-to-end solutions right from designing and printing the papers to providing infrastructure, from the registration of candidate to fee payment, seating arrangement, etc… NYSA is preferred by a number of state governments

NYSA also has Cloud Vidya platform, which is mapped to cloud. The course is advanced enough for students to ask questions and have their queries sorted. Although the delivery of the programme is happening in Lucknow, there are no geographical boundaries as such. Apart from this, we conducted a teachers eligibility test in Punjab. The government was happy with the results. NYSA has also stated a ‘Cloud Education Technology,’ but it is at a nascent stage.

Which government departments are you working with?

We are working with various examination bodies, state departments of school education — primary, secondary and higher secondary. We are also in partnership with higher education departments in the universities that are working with technical boards as well. Our focus is predominantly into the government segments, recruitment boards, etc. NYSA is also helping the staff recruitment board of state governments.

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