Mobility Times Around the Corner! : Ankur Mittal

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Mobility Times Around the Corner! : Ankur Mittal

Technological advancements are pushing the use of smartphones, and smartphones are taking us fast towards mGovernance times, says Ankur Mittal, CEO, Quytech, in an interaction with Akanki Sharma of Elets News Network (ENN).

What are the various mobility solutions that the company offers?

Since its incorporation, Quytech has been working on different mobility solutions to get real-time data from field to companies.

We have been working with some government agencies on a mobility solution to collect accident data in a comprehensive manner to help road authorities, traffic police, insurance firms and health authorities, so as to reduce both rate of accidents and their impacts. The data collected can be used by the agencies involved in the planning and design of roads as well as control and management of traffic. This solution is primarily intended for use by traffic personnel to collect accident data directly at the scene, along with photographs and map location, and other related data, which would simultaneously help generate FIRs as well as other useful information for road authorities, insurance companies and emergency services.

Quytech also provides enterprise mobility solution, PepUpSales, for tracking sales and distributions. Various government agencies and corporates can track and manage the orders, deliveries, distribution and sales, along with location tracking of its employees to save cost and timely working.

BFSI is one sector that depends heavily on mobility. Do you offer solutions there?

Yes, Quytech helps BFSI to get the market data, along with customer information, to the companies. Market executives and agents take data on paper due to which it delayed timely delivery to companies and has high error rate. We provide solution so that all the data can be entered on mobile or tablets by the executives and is available to the company immediately within the defined formats along with photographs and map location. This helps them analyse and forecast sales and marketing, improve customer service.

‘We do not just build the solution; we first understand the problem and pain areas, and then try to resolve it’

Why do you think your products/services have an edge over others?

Quytech has a team having experience of working with Telecoms, Banking, Insurance, Government and FMCG industries, among others. We do not just build the solution; we first understand the problem and pain areas, and then try to resolve it. Quytech constantly monitors the usage and usability of the solution to enhance and make sure that it is best used by the customers, so that the problem is resolved. The problem resolving capability and support that we provide to our customers is the reason we are able to retain them.

Do you think India is ready for a shift from eGovernance to mGovernance?

With Internet and smart phones coming at cheaper cost, mGovernance is taking a lead over eGovernance. Not everybody has a PC or laptop, but in India every other person carries a mobile device. As the government is already in the process to provide Internet everywhere, soon a time will come when data and information will be available anytime, anywhere to everybody on their mobile device, thus giving the reach to the last mile.

What are your plans and strategies to further escalate your presence in the Indian market?

Quytech is working closely with governments and corporates to fill the gaps within the existing system and processes, and provide solutions for a smooth transfer of required data and information within office and to field personnel. As there are multiple languages in India, we are enhancing our solution and services to support all languages to cater pan-India market. Quytech is aggressively working on Big Data gathered by using our mobility solutions.

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