A trusted aide to govt : Tarun Seth

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Tarun Seth, MD, Hitachi Micro Clinic

Equipped with the required bandwidth to aid and advise the government on how to implement IT tools better, Hitachi helps them deliver their services efficiently, says Tarun Seth, MD, Hitachi Micro Clinic, as he goes candid with Seema Gupta of Elets News Network.

In how many verticals does Hitachi Micro Clinic System work?
Hitachi Micro Clinic System has operations and business activities in four verticals. In the first vertical we have system integration and end-to-end hardware that includes PC and laptops, storage, server and networking. Next area is security, starting from antivirus to SIM and data leak prevention. The third vertical offers data storage and backup policies as in today’s world it is of utmost importance. Lastly we offer services to both government and private sector in managing and planning IT infrastructure and network.

What all sectors of the government do you work with?
We are in all the four verticals in government sector along with corporate sector. We work very closely on data centres, and are in plans to start a new venture in December. Hitachi provides consultancy services to companies outside India. So, we have become an arm to cater SAP and Oracle consultancy services in India and the Indian government is a big client for us.

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We do many services for the Lok Sabha mainly we supply computer and laptops to them. We work for most of the ministries. We work for Public Sector Companies like IOCL, we have done data centre services for them.

How will your collaboration with Micro Clinic help in growth and expansion?
Earlier we were integrators and entrepreneurs but with Micro Clinic we have also moved into the development of applications development and services. For the development of applications there is always a need for money and resources and Hitachi being a nine billion dollar company has the ample resources to grow in application development.

We are going to across the country to offer our services to every nook and corner of the country. In addition, we are planning to cater business services to ASEAN countries right from here. As India has good brains and they manage it very well. Hence the services from here India will be very soothing and affordable for managing business.

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What is your take on Digital India and what type of opportunities and challenges you see in it?
The Digital India initiative of the Prime Minister is a step taken in the right direction as globally everything has gone digital. However, having a better bandwidth will bring improvement into governance, e-Learning, delivery of services and proper infrastructure.

Do you have any case study that has helped Hitachi improve its governance?
Companies like ours are not systematic, but still we have grown and that is what I think of. In a company it’s a collaborative thought, everyone in the company brings in their own experiences and they implement it in their own respective divisions. There are specific rules and regulations which help people to bond and they even know what results they would get from their efforts and this is a way an organisation is formed. Hitachi always talks about Social Innovation and everything revolves around people.

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