GoI is providing Rs. 40,000 e-panchayat aid to gram panchayats

Government of India is providing funds to states/union territories under e-enablement component of Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Sashaktikarn Abhiyan (RGPSA) and Rs. 40,000 is given to each Gram Panchayat for computer, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), printer etc. subject to eligibility conditions.

Ministry of Panchayati Raj has also provided 10 software applications under e-panchayat Mission Mode Project (MMP) that seek to transform the functioning of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), making them more transparent, accountable, efficient and effective organs of decentralized self – governing institutions.

Minister of Panchayati Raj, V. Kishore Chandra Deo said e-panchayat MMP addressed all aspects of Panchayats’ functioning including monitoring, implementation, budgeting, accounting, social audit and delivery of citizen services like issue of certificates, licenses etc.

Under e-panchayat MMP, four applications namely PRIASoft, PlanPlus, National Panchayat Portal and National Panchayat Directory (Renamed Local Government Directory) have been in use by the states for three years now.

Six more applications namely Area Profiler, ServicePlus, Asset Directory, ActionSoft, Social Audit and Meeting Management and Training Management were launched in 2012-2013 and trainings are being imparted on these applications.

Due to inadequate power supply in rural areas, many panchayats are not able to load/update data on the web on regular basis. In areas where the power supply is erratic or the panchayat offices are not electrified, the states have been advised by Ministry of Panchayati Raj to use desktop with UPS having 6-8 hours backup, laptops with extra batteries and also consider providing solar photo-voltaic power packs by availing Government of India’s subsidy.