Ensuring Security of Cyber Systems

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Abhilash Sonwane, Sr VP Product Development, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt Ltd
Having achieved Common Criteria EAL4+ certification, we are geared to strengthen our presence in government, defence, PSUs and other strategic enterprise organisations. A product that has earned EAL4+ is seen as a trustworthy security offering and the one that’s robust and methodically defined, tested and verified against globally recognised IT security evaluation processes. Cyberoam is all set to make more inroads following the attainment of EAL4+. Moreover, with the launch of Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs), we brought actionable intelligence and controls together with next generation security features. IT heads entrusted to monitor network security within government organisations and PSUs will immensely benefit from these cutting-edge capabilities of Cyberoam NGFWs. Not only our offerings enable adequate and proactive security but also provide simplified security management, granular user-identity based reporting and support for regulatory compliance needs. All these requirements are of strategic importance in a government setting. Just a few months ago, India announced its first ever elaborate Cyber Security Policy. This will lead to heightened sense of awareness towards cyber security challenges and network level threats among PSUs and other government organisations.

Growing Impact of Innovation Mobility,
smart devices and high-speed internet are changing the way government workforce used to function. In past few months, world’s leading governments including the US and UK have faced major security attacks on their network infrastructure, data centres and official websites. Today’s evolved attacks exploit vulnerabilities in internet driven networks, mobile applications, user internet behaviour and similar areas. Cyberoam has a holistic focus on government. Being an indigenous network security vendor with global reach and experience, we are eager to remain trusted partner to address their evolving security concerns. Cyberoam seeks to play a major role in enabling IT and network transformation for government organisations in India. We will share our expertise to make India’s government organisations confident to embrace trends such as BYOD, virtualisation and more. We will spread more awareness with our Layer-8 user-identity based security that ties with all key security policies for internet and network usage, ensuring no unauthorised person or device turns into an insider threat. We have a strong roadmap for government and PSU organisations to facilitate next generation security and reliable expertise at every stage of IT led transformation.

Solutions for Financial Institutions
Cyberoam has entrenched its presence in SMBs and SMEs. We are also tapping into emerging tier-3 and tier-4 cities where SMEs are adopting advanced IT infrastructure. At present, our focus is on expanding presence in the enterprise segment and large scale organisations. As a result, BFSI indeed remains a key target. Cyberoam already has several leading names from BFSI as long term customers. User-identity based security, network intelligence and compliance remains critical needs for BFSI customers. To this end, Cyberoam provides one-click compliance reports on HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX and drill-down reports /alerts for security breach and data leakage, thereby helping to meet compliance needs with ease. Moreover, Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Identitybased technology with Next-Gen security features offers actionable intelligence and controls, enabling banks, insurance and other financial services businesses to put security checks from Layer 2 – Layer 7 along with complete visibility into user and network activities. Next-Generation security features include Application control, IPS, VPN, Web Application Firewall, Web filtering and more on a single platform. Cyberoam provides 1200+ reports that help with log and security management, compliance management and forensic analysis within BFSI organizations. Also as BFSI organizations encourage their customers to access services online and connect to business networks & resources from smart devices, Cyberoam understands the need for protection from the likely risks of application threats and malicious web attacks. To meet these needs, Cyberoam provides granular IPS defence and IPSec SSL VPN for secure remote access to critical online resources.

New Trends
With business networks becoming more open to external users, CIOs and IT security heads are losing security control over their networks. Consequently we see increasing demand for virtual security, support for thin-client environments, BYOD controls, capabilities for web content filtering, granular user-identity based controls, application visibility and control, two-factor authentication, Web Application Firewall and support for IPSec and SSL VPN technologies. Interestingly, network security is no longer seen in isolation. We discern that a growing number of customers / organisations appreciate the integrated value of security, productivity and connectivity. Protecting critical enterprise infrastructure in sectors like Oil and Gas, Power, Energy is emerging as an area of alarming concern. Similar businesses and organizations having critical enterprise information infrastructure linked to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) such as SCADA, DCS etc are being targeted with sophisticated cyber attacks. Cyberoam is in the process to launch a network security solution for SCADA networks. Responding to lack of network security solutions that tightly integrate with Property Management System (PMS) and Internet billing & Access Control solutions used by Hospitality sector, Cyberoam plans to launch a network security offering meeting this need and also address evolving security needs of the sector.


Abhilash Sonwane
Sr VP Product Development,
Technologies Pvt Ltd

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