Telecenter Initiative

CaneInfo All About Sugarcane
Implementing Agency: Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore

Cane Info is an interactive and user-centered website that provides a platform  for sugarcane growers, cane development personnel, scientists and students to  share information and knowledge on sugarcane.

A few modules available in CaneInfo are ‘Ask a Specialist’, ‘OFAS (Online  Fertilizer Advisory Service)’, Online Directory of research institutions and  sugar factories, discussion forum, ‘Suggest a Variety’,  publications/bibliographic database, multimedia gallery ,What’s Available?,  What’s new ?, News Feeds , Streaming of Video Programmes on sugarcane and  ‘Feedback’.

The portal has been designed in such a way that it is easily navigable even for  those with low computer-literacy levels. Large files like videos, detailed  graphics, animation and audio have been restricted as learner satisfaction  declines when downloads are slow. The site is trilingual – English, Hindi and  Tamil. A provision for translating all the English pages to Hindi has been  provided through ‘Google Translate’.

Information generated from the users  through the Discussion forum is effectively moderated. CaneInfo is  databasedriven and interactive. It has taken agricultural extension/ information dissemination to farmers to the next level.

Since its launch  CaneInfo has received about 6-lakh hits so far. Though this website is  predominantly India-specific, it has users from abroad as well. The timely  intervention by CaneInfo experts helped a farmer from Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu save his sugarcane crop, by identifying the dreadful disease in a  patch of his sugarcane field, through the ‘Ask a Specialist’ section of CaneInfo.

Implementing Agency: NIC District Unit, Ramabai Nagar, UP

With the initiatives of the District Magistrate of Ramabai Nagar (UP) the last  mile of the district has become accessible to the top functionaries. On the behest of the District Magistrate, the eSamwad Team gets ready for a trip to a  remote village inside the district with all its paraphernalia in a vehicle.  The DM  along with some of his senior officers at the District Headquarter can interact  with the villagers in any remote corner through Video Conferencing. Villagers  start telling their problems and the senior officials redress them. The villagers have a win-win situation. e-Samwad provides services to the villagers and solve  the problems at their DOOR STEPS.

The project has enabled the interaction of  villagers with the Distict Magistrate facilitating the on the spot catering of the various Services. Within an hour the e-Samwad team reaches to the desired  place and the concerned village is on the AIR. This has led to the emergence of  effective & efficient governance. SDMs and BDOs are addressed on monthly  basis after proper analysis of the repeated problems in the services and hence  the repeated problems are also addressed. The many fold corruption,  mistrust/ill treatment at the government offices has reduced. The loss of  wages/loss of day/days of villager is mitigated and the cost of travel and stay  get nullified. The mental agony of the visiting villagers is also reduced to a large  extent.

The District Magistrate gets more time for the District level planning and  effective utilization of various other resources. A new era of monitoring  the work of subordinate officers has also been started.