Craft of Gujarat

Craft of Gujarat

Here comes a unique web portal to connect rural craftsmen with consumers and vice versa.

About the Project

In a first ever initiative, INDEXT-C (Industrial Extension Cottage) envisaged a web portal to connect rural craftsmen to consumers across the globe. The project was started with the idea of giving opportunities to all the artisans of Gujarat to exhibit their talent to a large section of potential customers & art connoisseurs across the world. The thought eventually took shape as, a platform that allows consumers to navigate through various craft forms, product categories, and geographical location; and connect with artisan directly.

How is this portal unique?

The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that it gives strong online presence to the people, who are in no way connected to the information technology advancements. Forget about web 2.0, these people are completely unaware about the reach and effectiveness of a web presence. And still, with the platform, they are reaping benefits of the web and now the whole world has become their market place. The inquiries from interested customers are sent to the artisans directly by means of SMS. More interestingly and unlike other online shopping portals, this portal connects the visitor, who is exploring a particular product, with a short profile of the artisan who has crafted that specific piece. Thus it lends completely human touch to the whole experience. The visitor also has an option to explore all the products crafted by a particular artisan. The structure caters to the needs of diverse visitors from across the globe, ranging from art-loving individuals to artefact collectors and dealers.

Government: Platform for weaker section, large scale employment opportunities, chance to revive old
and dying art forms.
Artisans: No middleman, global exposure of unique art, shops never closes, direct deals, chances of large scale orders, recognition of talent.
Buyers: Cost effective, location independence, 24×7 availability, product reliability, trustworthy and genuine Platform

Since this is an online portal, it is beneficial to artisans in terms of cost saving, in setting up physical stores and selling their art products. The portal also provides a holistic exposure to artists whose talent was hidden behind fairs and exhibitions only. The website has been developed and currently maintained by Cybersurf (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Need for the Project

In order to provide the expert craftsmen of the state their due recognition and enhance the popularity of traditional arts and crafts traditions, Government of Gujarat has given priority to make the development of cottage and village industries more employment oriented. With this aim, the INDEXT-C (Industrial Extension Cottage) has been created to provide information and guidance & organizing Cottage & Rural Industrial sector as a catalyst. And now, taking the efforts in this direction much beyond the usual fair and festivals, a completely novel approach has been undertaken.

The portal has been developed after extensive research of the various types of handicrafts and artisans in Gujarat. Currently, the portal showcases 62 different types of craft. The structure of the site is designed in such a way that it offers the visitor novel ways of exploring the portal. The visitor can search the portal either by the craft form, product category or by the geographical listing. The visitor also has an option to explore all the products crafted by a particular artisan.

Platform Initiative – SMS
Comprehensive Design
Seamless Structure & Navigation
SEO Optimized Content
Search Engine – Artisan
Services Offered
Artisan Search
Comprehensive Catalogue Browsing
Expression of Interest via SMS
Detailed product guide with image gallery
Description about various art forms of the state
State wise guide about practiced art forms

Reach Currently, the portal has around 300 registered artisans and more than 900 products are listed on the platform.