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SafeNet Inc. is a global leader in information security. It provides complete security utilising its encryption technologies to protect communications, intellectual property and digital identities, and offers a full spectrum of products including hardware, software, and chips.

In particular for the government, SafeNet offers mission-critical encryption technologies to secure information across all branches of the government that require industry-leading technology to control costs, improve efficiency, and secure electronic communications.

1. USB Authentication Tokens (iKey) and Smart Card

SafeNet iKey USB tokens and SafeNet smart card are secure devices that can hold users”  credentials, such as passwords, keys, certificates, or biometrics. The devices have an open, flexible operating system that can enable other capabilities such as storing personal information or physical access credentials securely to the device. The cards/tokens can be used in both PKI (public key infrastructure) and non-PKI environments. Whether smart card or USB token, both form factors have identical capabilities and organisations can mix and match card/token types as requirements dictate.

2. Application and Transaction Security – HSMs

SafeNet Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide reliable protection for applications,  transactions, and information assets by safeguarding the cryptographic keys that are at the heart of any encryption-based security solution.

SafeNet Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are the fastest, most secure, and easiest to  integrate application security solution for enterprise and government organisations to ensure  regulatory compliance, reduce the risk of legal liability and improve profi tability.

SafeNet Luna family of products comprises of a range of hardware security solutions for digital  identity applications. Luna products feature true hardware key management to maintain the integrity of encryption keys. Sensitive keys are created, stored and used  exclusively within the secure confi nes of the Luna hardware security module (HSM) to
prevent compromise.Over 15 countries in the world have deployed Luna HSM
for its e-Passport projects successfully to secure the highly
sensitive data for immigration.

3. Database Encryption – DataSecure

SafeNet DataSecure allows enterprise and government organisations to ensure compliance  and limit liabilities by protecting any sensitive data accessed by employees, customers, or  third parties. DataSecure is the most secure, fastest to implement, and easiest to manage  end-toend enterprise data protection solution available. DataSecure is also the only complete  enterprise data protection solution that protects application, network and database layers.

With SafeNet DataSecure, organisations can protect critical data from both internal and  external threats, ensure compliance with regulatory and legislative mandates for security  and mitigate the risk of data theft.

SafeNet DataSecure for database security is the only appliance-based encryption solution  available that feature granular, fi eld-level encryption capabilities and that can be integrated  at the web server, application server, or database layer.

4. High Speed Network and WAN Encryption

SafeNet’s complete family of network security devices provides the fastest and easiest way to  integrate robust FIPScertifi ed network security to protect mission-critical data for enterprise  and government organisations. Proven reliability, highest throughput and lowest latency  make SafeNet’s network security devices the ideal solution for protecting data in motion,  including timesensitive voice and video streams.

With Ethernet, sonet, link, ATM and Frame encryptors, SafeNet offers the world’s only  complete suite of high-speed WAN encryption for every topology, performance range and network design requirement. Designed to integrate seamlessly into any network topology,  SafeNet WAN encryptors are the only devices to offer SafeNet Security Management Center (SMC) an SNMP-based network management platform that enables unparalleled ease of  administration and audit tracking of encryptors across multiple circuits and network protocols.

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