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t3000 Laptop Ultrasound System

Trivitron Medical Systems, one of the top 10 Medical Technology companies in India joins hands with Terason to introduce – t3000 Laptop Ultrasound System. Trivitron now makes it easy and comfortable for doctors and patients alike; to set new standards for imaging performance, ease of use, size, and cost.

The system runs on a standard Apple Mackintosh laptop computer, which is integrated with Treason’s Fusion Processor, a unique, custom-designed, integrated ultrasound chip set. The familiar Windows graphical user interface makes the system intuitive and easy to use. The t3000 is designed for general, vascular, and breast imaging, interventional radiology, image-guided intervention, endocrinology, laparoscopic, neuro-sonography and nephrology. The significance of the system lies in its best-in-class image quality and function that are comparable to the high-end cart-based ultrasound systems.

The flexible design allows the system to be instantly converted from a normal Laptop to a cart-based Ultrasound system. Doctors will not have to go through the cumbersome process of carrying a portable ultrasound machine alongside a laptop. The t3000 is the world’s only ultrasound system powered by an off-the-shelf commercial PC. Weighing about 8 pound, the t3000 can operate on batteries for more than two hours. The system also features:

  • Modern scanner design with 15-inch TFT monitors with XGA image quality
  • Electrocardiogram & DVR Capability
  • Built- in Hard Drive & J2K Board for efficient video clip recordings
  • Imaging modes include 2-D, tissue harmonics, M mode, color Doppler, spectral Doppler (CW/PW), and power Doppler

The Teratech Architecture enables simple and frequent software and Laptop up-gradation. An extended warranty program makes it easy and inexpensive to keep your hardware up to date. This includes latest advances in PC processing, communications, data storage and display technologies. An investment (price on request) in the Terason t3000 Ultrasound System will maintain its value for years to come.

Rotor Gene 6000 (6 Channel multiplexing system)

The ROTOR GENE 6000 is a multi-filter system that can detect all available real-time chemistries including Sybr-Green, dual-labelled and MGB probes, FRET and Molecular Beacons. Most DNA amplification enzymes/ buffers can be used on this system to generate Quantitation/Melt data.

This system also provides high-sensitive readings without the need for specialized reaction vessels (that is, optical clear caps). Each unit comes with the flexibility of an interchangeable rotor system to allow for the throughput needs of the day. The provided standards are a 36 well rotor (0.2ml thin walled reaction vessels) and 72 well high throughput rotor (0.1ml strip tubes). The rotors are interchangeable for easy transition from moderate to high throughput applications. The unit is designed to take data at high speed. All 72 samples can be detected in one revolution, equivalent to 0.15 seconds.

Due to the optic and thermal design of the system, there is no need to use an internal passive ROX reference. Even without a reference, the standard deviation between replicates is typically 0.05. The system uses a Photo-Multiplier Tube (PMT) that can detect a single Photon of light. This gives excellent sensitivity even when amplifying a single Copy of DNA. After amplification, the samples are heated and the change in fluorescent energy is monitored to generate a melt curve. The differential of this curve reveals the melting temperature for each amplicon and allows automatic calling of the genotype. There is no need to use expensive proprietary dyes to minimize cross talk for multiplex applications.

The system uses a 16-bit analog to digital converter, which has a broad dynamic range. This results in linear quantitation over a wide range of sample concentrations, typically 12 orders of magnitude. Simple optic design, together with ultimate temperature uniformity (due to centrifugal design) results in a highly accurate and reproducible system. This can be best demonstrated when looking at a 2-fold dilution series where each sample concentration is run in triplicate. No internal passive ROX reference is required to generate this data.

The ROTOR GENE 6000 is the only real-time system available that offers an automated temperature calibration feature. A report is automatically generated which is e-mailed to the service support centre for validation. If temperature calibration is required, a file is returned that automatically re-calibrates the unit. Regular temperature checks of the system can be performed by anyone in the laboratory using this simple method. This is the only real-time system that can be validated remotely.

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