Eighty per cent of European GPs using e-Records

Around 87 percent of Europeans GPs now use a computer, out of which 80 percent are using electronic patient records, according to the Europe-wide survey. The survey, which involved almost 7,000 General Practitioners, was carried out in late 2007.

The survey shows that almost 70 percent European doctors use the Internet and 66 percent use computers for consultations. Denmark has the highest broadband penetration among GPs (91%), whilst Romania had the lowest (about 5%). The survey also highlights areas for improvement and further deployment, such as electronic prescriptions, which is practiced by only 6% of EU GPs. Only three member states use this facility at present: Denmark (97%), the Netherlands (71%) and Sweden (81%). In Sweden, around 9 percent doctors provide telemonitoring service. The survey found that a majority of European doctors agree that ICT improves the quality of healthcare services that they provide, whilst those not using ICT cite a lack of training and technical support as major barriers.