The Health Hiway – Application Perspective : Ashvani Srivastava, President

HealthHiway is an Apollo Hospitals and industry initiative to build and provide a comprehensive set of offerings for the healthcare community and lay the foundation for a National Health Data Network (NHDN). This initiative will offer the healthcare industry global best practices in healthcare processes and solutions.

What were the key drivers behind HealthHiway initiative?
Apollo Hospitals has been at the forefront of technology adoption for healthcare in India. Over years, we have understood the complex issues in healthcare arising due to non-adoption of technology in managing data, burgeoning manpower cost, quality costs etc. and the effect that it has on efficiency in the system.

We are aiming at creating an information Hiway for healthcare industry in India. The plan is to bring together various entities in the healthcare environment, use collective industry knowledge and build a network using world-class technology. The majority of healthcare environment in India is occupied by small and mid sized players who act as a first point of care and subsequent referrals for the large tertiary care hospitals. Then there is the public health infrastructure managed by the government, catering to healthcare needs of the masses. Payers are increasingly becoming important as we move towards a more evolved market in healthcare insurance.

The HealthHiway initiative is our effort to offer the industry global best practices in healthcare IT. Standard based, interoperable solutions will bring cost containment, yet more importantly help use this data for patient care and subsequently for research and analytics. This will benefit the providers, payers and most importantly the patients.

What had been your experience in bringing together multidisciplinary expertise across Apollo Hospitals while developing the conceptual framework of the Health Hiway?
It has been a challenging and insightful learning while studying administrative, clinical and operational processes and the impact of effective usage of data across the healthcare system.

Though operational challenges for a smaller operation are different than those in large enterprise provider environments, the knowledge and learning that we have acquired over the last 25 years has been a great enabler in designing the solutions and services on the HealthHiway.

Apollo’s learning from putting together the standards framework through the ITIH study and analysis from an in-depth research conducted in multiple cities, across the target audience had been some of the key starting steps towards designing the HealthHiway model that will offer easy to use, scalable solutions for the healthcare players.

What will be the expected long-term and short-term gains for users of the Hiway with regard to their operational efficiency and financial performance?
HealthHiway is all about bringing efficiency in day to day processes in a healthcare system, thereby impacting the key performance indicators