Madhya Pradesh (India) ranks 21st in e-Readiness report

Union Government's Department of Information Technology (DIT) has released the third 'e-Readiness Assessment Report 2005' at the 10th national conference on 'e-Governance' held in Bhopal, India.


Andhra Pradesh has been ranked as first position, while Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala in second, third and fourth positions respectively. Madhya Pradesh, the host of the conference has been ranked as 21st among 35 states & Uniion territories. The position of Chattisgharh's has been improved from previous report. The states to have ranked fifth to tenth positions are respectively Chandigarh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana and Goa. The framework is based on the usage and development of ICT. National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) has prepared the e-Readiness Index in the assessment report. All the fouth southern states, Chandigarh and Maharashtra have been designated as the  'Leaders'. MP and Chattisgharh are designated in the category of Average Achiever'. The states, which are ranked between seventh to tenth, are the 'Aspiring Leaders'.