Language Learning made easy

Research showed that most people have mobile phones in Malaysia no matter where they are and thus able to reach out to people in the remote area. There are more than one and a half billion mobile phones in operation around the world, and a large percentage of them are in the hands of students and working adults. LTT Global Communications as educators embrace the potential of mobile technology and explores the possibilities to bring educational content direct to end-users anywhere anytime thus teaching innovatively and powerfully for learners of any age with speed, power and effectiveness. SMS-ME-ENGLISH is one such innovation explored making English learning EASY, FUN, FAST and PRACTICAL!

As initiators and pioneers of mobile learning both locally in Malaysia and globally, LTT Global Communication’s business objective is to make learning easily available and affordable to all.  LTT Global Communications is a company under the Technopreneur Development Flagship of the Multimedia Development Corporation, an initiative by the government of Malaysia in Cyberjaya. It represents a few companies in the Asia Pacific Region for contents on the mobile platform. Co-founded by Wemel Cumavoo and Rani Wemel, the company bears the joint vision of bringing mobile learning to all using mobile devices such as a Palm Pilot or mobile phone, to support learning and performance on the job.

LTT Global Communications started with the roll out of SMS-ME-ENGLISH ver1.0, an innovative programme and an affordable way to learn a language easily. SMS-ME-ENGLISH is packaged every weekday and send out via SMS. It is designed in Dwi Bahasa (dual language) to help one master the English language, Bahasa Malaysia or BOTH languages! SMS-ME-ENGLISH was officially launched in August 2004 by Dato’ S.Veerasingam, Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs in Malaysia. This launch witnessed the signing ceremony between LTT Global Communications and Maybank, Bumiputra-Commerce Bank , RHB Bank and Bank Islam appointment as the collection agent for SMS-ME-ENGLISH programme via Internet banking.

Some success stories
A strategic partnership with Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) of MIGHT METEOR Advance Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (MMAM), in collaboration with

LTT Global is among the ‘Preferred Learning Partners’ of Blue Hyppo (TMNet Internet Service Provider – a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia). Soh Chin Yit a subscriber to its service through TMNet, scored A1 in his English 119, SPM 2005 (equivalent to ‘O’Levels). Also in the photo (Right) Wimel Cumavoo, the co-founder of LTT Global Communications  the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Prime Minister’s Department in providing technology enhanced learning experience for unemployed and fresh graduates. Customised English programme sent to their mobiles in line with their coursework they are attending at Advanced Manufacturing Institute.
Shared experiences with BECTA, ICT Research Network (British Educational, Communications and Technology Agency), about using SMS as a learning platform.

SMS-ME-ENGLISH today is further enhanced with (24/7) web assisted learning.  All participants are to  be awarded a Certificate of Completion issued by the Institute of Professional Development of the Open University Malaysia in collaboration with LTT Global Communications Sdn Bhd after successfully completing the 1 year programme as per the study guide. Today, Pos Malaysia Online and TM Net, a Telekom Malaysia subsidiary also have come aboard to provide the programme to their customer base. The partnership is consistent with the efforts of LTT Global to bring mobile learning to all.

The mobile lifestyle learning suite that the company provides is a complete suite designed to make mobile learning solution really easy.  A complete learning suite is provided having full capacity from registration for courses from payment to receiving lessons all at the finger tips anywhere, anytime.

BASIC is for people who only speak Bahasa Malaysia and is designed in dwi bahasa to bring them into speaking English with ease.
Example of lesson sent to mobile: COME disebut (kam). maksud: datang, mari. contoh:1.Come to my house. 2.Come and sit with me.
INTERMEDIATE is in dwi bahasa as well but is for those who are not so confident yet about their English language, this phase helps them better understand the meaning to enable them to speak with confidence.
Example of lesson sent to mobile: COMPLEX disebut (kom-pleks). maksud: bangunan, rumit. contoh:1.Abu went to the office complex. 2.Ida has a complex decision to make.
ADVANCE level is all in English for all English speaking people at all levels to empower their language further.
Example of lesson sent to mobile: CAJOLE: kah-JOEL means: to coax or persuade, eg.: She is not very excited about the trip, but I will be able to cajoel her into coming.

The company’s mobile contents range from ‘LIVE’ games to those tailored content development covering four main areas of education, lifestyle, family and professional. It has leading courseware for all handheld devices, like hand-phone, Palm, Pocket PC/PDA made available on SMS/ MMS/ WAP/ GPRS(2G-3G) platform. It has a mobile edutainment and infotainment service for users to experience interactive entertainment and games from their handheld device. The infotainment content enables businesses to market themselves while offering entertainment to their customers.

C-DAC based in Pune and Enable M, a Mumbai-based Mobile Technology company in India has jointly developed a technology for learning Indian languages through artificial intelligence, on mobile phones.

The technology named as LILA (Learn Indian Language through Artificial Intelligence), is a result of the joint efforts of both the premier organizations engaged in developing indigenous solutions in hi-tech areas. LILA provides the facility to read and listen to the sound of Devanagiri alphabet, just as it is used in Hindi. It also has the ability to understand how words are formed and pronounced in Hindi as well as a vocabulary for commonly used words and look-up Hindi-English dictionary. The Hindi sentence structure patterns are exposed with a relative English version.

To make it user friendly, there are exercises and practice sessions available for the users. The narrative sections of lesson include integrated video clips. Further, even the translation of Hindi sentences can be seen on the screen.

The mobile content for palm/ PDA/ pocket pc platform includes leading courseware in marketing, business, sales, job search, etc. used by Fortune 500 companies. The company works with the leading provider of mobile authoring, publishing, delivery and tracking solutions. The need for mobile content in the form of learning, reference, testing and job aides to support a growing remote and field workforce which is met using the content development and publishing system (LMA) integrated with the mobile delivery and tracking system (MDTS). Organisations will have the tools and knowledge needed to launch and track mobile initiatives faster and more cost effectively than one would have ever imagined.

The mobile software and hosted ASP solutions of the company give the power to design, create, edit, deploy and track content delivered to cell phones, smart phones, Palm OS devices, Pocket PC devices and any other Internet enabled device. It re-purposes existing marketing materials or develops new materials for the mobile initiatives.

Today LTT Global has several channels made available to clients.  LTT Global also works with the Women and Family Development Society Selangor and Wilayah Perseketuan Kuala Lumpur to enhance the English Language proficiency  to upgrade the standard of living of women in Malaysia.