Canada Transport proposes for Biometric Card system for airport security

Canada‘s Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, Lawrence Cannon announced about the proposed amendments to the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations for supporting for the implementation of the new Restricted Area Identity Card by Transport Canada and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA).


Through the usage of biometrics, new card will enhance the restricted area pass system in 29 major airports of Canada. The Restricted Area Identity Card incorporates unique human characteristics, like fingerprints and iris patterns, and leading-edge technology for invidually accessing in restricted areas of airports. This is first biometric airport identification system. Transport Canada and CATSA are trying to make partnership with airport authorities for the development and installation of this enhanced card system. The card uses biometrics to support the issuance, verification, cancellation and tracking of restricted area. This card system is scheduled to install at 29 airports of Canada by 31 December, 2006.