2006 World e-Government Ranking by Asian University

The Waseda University Institute of e-Government announced the release of its recently   conducted 2006 World e-Government Ranking. Now on its second year, the survey included the progress and development of e-Government in 32 countries.

The Waseda e-Government Ranking used comprehensive indicators and parameters for measuring the latest development in 32 countries’ e-governments. These are different from  existing rankings, which mainly focused on websites and systems such as Customer Relation Management.

The survey findings may be summarized as below:

1. Asian countries such as Singapore (3rd), Japan (4th), Korea (5th), and Taiwan (7th) are among the top ten e-Government achievers.
2. Areas surveyed in the e-Government of each country include network preparedness, required interface functioning applications, management optimization, homepage situation, and the introduction of chief information officers (CIO).
3. This year, efforts to promote e-government by each country were also analysed.
4. The survey also examined the co-relationship between national e-Governments and the economic and social activities in the countries involved.

While most e-Government rankings in United States and Europe are conducted by  universities or private companies, the Waseda e-Government Ranking is the first effort from  Asia, and the only one available from this region. Members of the research group came from  14 different countries. Thus, the Waseda University e-Government Ranking is the very first  endeavor from an Asian institute, to measure the development of e-government worldwide.