IoT & Cloud Computing Is it the Future?
December 2015

IoT & Cloud Computing Is it the Future?

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Cloud for better passport services



GOLOK KUMAR SIMLI Principal Consultant and Head – Technology, PMU – Passport Seva Project, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Passport service is one of the services where we have seen wonders taking place. Given the way we are handling our data analytics, we visualise almost 25-30 percent increase in volumes every year. And, if that is the growth rate, in another five to seven years, we will probably hold the number one rank in issuing passports and the volume could be around 15 million per annum. If this is the volume growth we are talking about, it is hardly 10 percent of the overall population. Now, talking about 20 percent of the population, the kind of scalability we are looking at in view of the demand, the traditional data centre is not going to help. In such a scenario, we need a platform like Meghraj, where we can connect instantaneously to a scalable platform. This year, in Uttar Pradesh alone, we came across 40 percent increase in demand. Now, whatever planning you do, it simply goes haywire. So, it is essential to have a platform in the government, where you can have an on-demand connectivity to address problems and the applications. On one side, we came up with these traditional data centres, and on the other side, we need to come up with an infrastructure, which is scalable on demand, so that any government department, Central Government or State Government, can enjoy the benefits of a scalable platform. Going forward, we will see that man-to-machine communications are going to decrease. We will see more of machine-to-machine communication happening, for which there will be requirement of the Cloud environment.

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