In Internet penetration Gurgaon beats Bangalore: Census

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According to Census 2011, the household penetration of the internet in Gurgaon is 20.9 percent. This is way above the national average of 10 percent.

Gurgaon has a better score than even IT hubs Bangalore and Hyderabad and has overtaken mega cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The census says of the 3,20,000 households in Gurgaon, over 1,02,000 have computers and more than 67,000 are internet-enabled.

This data reveals that Gurgaon households log on to the internet more than any other district in the country.

Most analysts are of the opinion that the high net penetration in Gurgaon is mainly due to the large concentration of techies and professionals in the city.

Housing societies and residential colonies have also played their part, striking exclusive deals with internet service providers (ISPs) and offering ‘broadband-ready ‘ apartments.

But rural Gurgaon is yet to gain speed in terms of internet penetration as out of the 88,000 registered households, only 1.8 percent are internet-enabled.



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