Pave your own way through technology
December 2007

Pave your own way through technology

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The latest technology to have made a dent on the minds of young people, both in the West and the East, is 'YouTube'. 'YouTube' is basically a website for uploading, viewing and sharing video clips. It came into being in 2005, thanks to the efforts of three former PayPal employees. 'YouTube's' playback technology is based on Macromedia's Flash Player 7, and it utilises the Sorenson Spark H.263 video codec. It is a platform for posting and sharing videos/video-clips/films, which is free, provided one is registered with the website. It has been found that videos on 'YouTube' generally stream smoothly, without lags or slowdowns. The mobile site of 'YouTube' titled 'YouTube Mobile' came into being on 15 June, 2007. Although there are allegations against 'YouTube' regarding copyright violations, and the kind of content which is posted, 'YouTube' now a days is also used in a positive fashion. It is now clear that the uploading of pornography or videos containing nudity is not allowed on 'YouTube'. 'YouTube' does not allow anybody to upload content, which is not permitted by the copyright law of the United States. Like the Internet and blogs, 'YouTube' has also faced censorships and bans by various national governments all across the globe, owing to the threat it poses to states in terms of security, morality and ethics. There are allegations against 'YouTube' for hosting videos of real-life animal cruelty. 'YouTube' has also been used in few countries by students to bully. Hence, YouTube is a platform to post and share videos which can be animation, footage of public events or personal recordings of friends, provided the content is not offensive or illegal. YouTube since its inception had been useful for journalists, film-makers and even politicians, apart from the ordinary 'netizens'. It is argued by some that 'YouTube' is an outlet for creativity of the people.

During the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, which was held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in November, 2007, there was discussions on the pros and cons associated with the Internet and new media. It has been observed by some during the Forum that 'Web 2.0'

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