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Established in 2005, eGov magazine proudly stands as Asia's first and foremost magazine dedicated to e-Governance. Our monthly publication reaches readers in print and online formats, aiming to foster innovation that enhances efficiency, accountability, and transparency in government initiatives for citizens and businesses alike.

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Unrivaled In-Depth Coverage

At eGov, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled coverage of cutting-edge e-Governance models. From the latest technological advancements in ICT to the positive impact of digital interfaces on everyday citizens, we delve into every facet of e-Governance implementation.

A Platform for All Perspectives

Our ability to offer diverse viewpoints from every stakeholder in the e-Governance domain sets us apart. Policymakers, experts, industry leaders, administrators, and academia contribute their valuable insights to our pages. Our skilled team of editors, researchers, and marketers adopt a 360-degree approach to deliver comprehensive content, including breaking news, feature articles, and exclusive interviews.

Why partner with eGov

Reach a wider audience

By partnering with eGov Magazine, you can expand your reach to a large global readership of government and technology experts. This can give your ideas, solutions, and innovations greater exposure.

Establish thought leadership

Contribute content to eGov Magazine's platform to demonstrate your expertise and authority in the e-governance field, shaping future initiatives through thought leadership.

Network and collaborate

The magazine offers opportunities to connect with policymakers, industry veterans, academics, and like-minded individuals working to advance e-governance. This facilitates collaboration and drives impactful change together.

Gain credibility

Leverage eGov Magazine's reputation and trust as a primary resource for e-government updates. This enhances the credibility of your organization and solutions.

Stay up-to-date

Remain abreast of the latest trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in e-governance through eGov Magazine's in-depth coverage and insights. This can help guide your strategies and innovation roadmap.

eGov Portal

Your Gateway to Collaborative Solutions

In addition to our magazine, we have the eGov portal, a dynamic platform that amplifies the impact of e-Governance initiatives. The eGov portal serves as an interactive hub where government entities, businesses, and citizens can collaborate, share knowledge, and find innovative solutions to common challenges.

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eGov Conferences

Uniting Visionaries and Practitioners

Beyond our print and online presence, eGov hosts exclusive conferences that bring together visionaries, practitioners, and decision-makers from across the e-Governance landscape. Our conferences, often held in collaboration with state governments & departments, offer a unique opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions, exchange best practices, and explore the latest innovations & trends in e-Governance & its various sub-domains.

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