Digilink to Digitally Link Smart Cities: Anshuman Haldar

Anshuman Haldar, General Manager, Channel Business of Network Connectivity Organisation, Schneider Electric

Network connectivity infrastructure will form the backbone of integrated network in the Smart Cities, and Digilink is geared up well to provide end-to-end structured cabling solutions, says Anshuman Haldar, General Manager – Channel Business of Network Connectivity Organisation, Schneider Electric, in an interaction with Elets News Network (ENN)

What is your view on the Government’s ambitious projects like Smart City?

What kind of solutions do you have for proposed smart cities in India? Smart Cities Mission is an excellent initiative to transform the cities from a traditional, silo-based model to a more collaborative, integrated service delivery model. It will tremendously improve the quality of life of residents, manage available resources such as roads and water in economically sustainable manner, and reduce environmental pollution. It will be a game changer for each and every sector be it Hospitality, Health, Real Estate, Infrastructure or IT. It will make the way of living more smart, energy efficient, reliable and sustainable.

If we talk about Digilink, we are an industry leader in providing end-to-end range of structured cabling solutions for small and medium businesses. Network connectivity will form the backbone of creating an integrated and connected network infrastructure for the upcoming smart cities. A robust network infrastructure will foster the growth of such cities.

Give us an overview of Digilink and your strategies to expand your presence in the market.

Digilink is an industry leader in providing end- to-end range of structured cabling solutions for small and medium businesses. It is one of the oldest and also a top grossing SCS Brand in India. Our ‘future proof ’ products deliver unparallel value and enable our customers to excel through lower total network ownership costs, enhanced productivity, total reliability and easy scalability of their networks.

With our wide variety of services and products and our technical expertise, we are able to create unique solutions for businesses not just the ‘cookie-cutter technology’ offered by many other providers today. We deliver the best solutions today, within the constraints of customer’s budget. At Digilink we are backed up not only with products ranging from 2 to 144 Cores, Single Mode (OS2) and multi mode (OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4), standard and customised accessories, but we also have a strong preterminated solution for the Indian market. Having said that, we would like to highlight that FTTX solution is now our forte too.

digilinkHow do you see opportunities in the hospitality industry and need for cabling solutions?

Structured cabling will improve service and profit in the Hospitality industry. Today, technology is part of the service equation in a hotel, resort, or hospitality property. It’s imperative to provide seamless connectivity experience to guests and a robust network backbone can guarantee it.

The Government is laying a lot of emphasis on Make in India and Digital India initiatives to give a fillip to country’s economy and create employment opportunities. What are your views on these programmes?

The Government is definitely taking lot of initiatives in order to boost the economy of the country. Make in India can drive growth in the country by boosting the business environment, creating a more conducive environment via simplification and stream- lining of the process to business. It is not only about manufacturing in India, but also about adhering to global sustainability and quality norms. It will also help in attracting domestic and well as foreign investments to create new manufacturing centres across India. Such investment and manufacturing activities will promote small scale and large scale industries thus will create lot of employment opportunities and result in GDP growth.

Since the acquisition of Digilink by Schneider Electric, we have been able to maintain a leadership position in the market. We aim at a steady growth through ongoing R&D activities, work constantly towards providing state-of- the art technology, products and best-in-class services to our customers

With the launch of Digital India programme, the government is making a big step to convert the nation into a digitally motivated knowledge economic system. It will help in creation of Digital Infrastructure and Electronic Manufacturing in Native India, delivery of all Government services electronically and digital empowerment of the Native Indian people.

Our complete range of structured cabling solutions is being made in India. We have a state-of-the-art factory in Goa which pro- duces an array of structured cabling products and 40 per cent of the produce is exported. We are adhering to the Government’s Make in India initiative and are proud to be associated with it.

digilink (2)How Digilink has evolved as an industry leader in providing end- to-end structured cabling solutions for enterprises and business. What challenges do you face in competing with major players?

Data communication has become an integral part of everybody’s business and personal lives. It is the structured cabling solution that brings reliability and usability for everyone. Since the acquisition of Digilink by Schneider Electric, we have been able to maintain a leadership position in the market. We aim at a steady growth through ongoing research & development activities, work constantly towards providing state-of-the art technology and products and best in class services to our customers. We work aggressively to buy the mind share of our partners and customers.

What kind of products you are offering to your customers? What makes your customers opt for Digilink’s instead of other options available in the market?

Digilink products are UL and ETL verified for safety, performance and quality assured for a reliable data network. From patch panels to cables ,from patch cord to termination tools, Digilink’s copper and fiber solution are always within reach, bringing the customer the advantages of FIRM, LIGHT,SLIM and FAST products to fulfil the network connectivity needs of medium to small businesses and home networks. At Digilink – a brand of Schneider Electric, one can be trained as an SCCE (Schneider Electric Certified Cabling Engineer) and certify installed sites for 25-30 years performance war- ranty and gain the AMC advantage of maintaining networks.