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As an enterprise asset intelligence company, Zebra gets better visibility to both asset as well people across Retail, Logistics, Healthcare and Government sector, says Deep Agarwal, Regional Sales Director India Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific in an interview with Elets Technomedia

Deep Agarwal
Regional Sales Director – Indian Sub-continent
Zebra Technologies

Your area of operations is diverse. For how many years you have been operational in India?

We were two companies, Motorola solutions and Zebra Technologies. In 2014, Zebra acquired the enterprise division of Motorola. So, this division of Motorola has been there for 14 years and Zebra independently has been in India for 10-12 years now.

What are your focus areas?

Zebra is an enterprise asset intelligence company. We provide visibility to asset and people. The areas that we operate are Retail, Logistics, Healthcare and Government. Across these verticals there is a phenomenal need to track movement of assets and people. We have solutions catering to various needs in this particular area.

On the umbrella side, we have wireless infrastructure because everything today is about connectivity.  We are one of the pioneers of wireless infrastructure. In fact Motorola is one of the founding members of global Wi-Fi alliance. So we have been very predominant in innovations in the wireless space.

We have solutions which incorporate various technologies, like bar code technology, automatic sensing etc.

With emergence of concepts like smart cities and Digital India, do you think the environment in country is conducive for business?

I think the time is good. There is lot of initiatives from the government that we have seen is happening. So there is a lot of awareness and interest among the vendors to explore and invest.

Is your company in alliance with any of the government’s agenda, like Digital India, Make in India or smart cities?

Not in any direct alliance as such, but we have interest in some of these initiatives as vendors or partners to vendors. We have direct involvement in areas like smart policing, patient healthcare solutions which enable to track patients and properly diagnose and keep records of them. We are deeply connected with the government’s initiatives in the card sector like the voter card and driving license.

What are some of the key technological solutions driving the growth of Retail in India?

One is serving the customer through multiple channels. We have variety of solutions to make retailers successful to provide service to customers like location based solutions. Based on the customer’s location in a super store the retailer can throw e-coupons and the customer can decide which product to go.

How using Zebra’s solutions is helping retailers maintain consistent customer satisfaction?

Having the right product on time! Inventory management as most retailers have back end warehouses where tracking the entry and exit of inventory is most important and that are where we come in.

What steps is Zebra taking to gear up for the IoT market?

We are getting ready by coming out with some unique solutions. IoT is a big world. There are various components in IoT. For example we have collaborated with NFL (National Football League) of the U.S. where a chip is placed on the shoulder of the player and based on the movement the coach can train him better.

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