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Chandigarh Facilitates Citizens via IT: Dr S B Deepak Kumar

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Dr S B Deepak Kumar, Secretary-IT, UT Administration

French architect Le Corbusier’s legacy, Chandigarh, is known for more than just its beauty and cleanliness. The residents here are pampered with the finest of government services and the use of Information Technology tops the chart. The net-savvy denizens here have a slew of IT services that is making their life easier, tells Dr S B Deepak Kumar, Secretary-IT, UT Administration, to Priya Yadav of Elets News Network (ENN)

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Chandigarh has led the way in taking IT initiatives to facilitate citizens. What are the top initiatives of your Administration?

We have picked up several awards for giving smooth IT services to people, including the Digital India award. Our most successful and eective venture has been setting up Common Service Centres across the city, about 205, that facilitate the residents in a big way. ese have ensured that residents do not have to travel to government o“ces for their business with the government, but just avail of the services at these centres located at a walking distance from their homes. Gradually, we are adding more and more services – we already have over 61 services available at these centres in our network, and are tying up with most o“ces. Most recently, we have tied up with eight post o“ces and their services too would be available here.

People in Chandigarh are very net savvy and it has now been made possible to make online payment of taxes, like property tax. We are allowing service providers to share our platform without putting any restrictions on them

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What are the various focus areas of the Administration to promote IT?

Digital literacy is a thrust area – we are using school computer labs to educate senior citizens and housewives about use of IT. After school hours, we run computer courses in madrasas. The UT Police has come out with several people-friendly apps.

People in Chandigarh are very net savvy and it has now been made possible to log online for payment of taxes, like property tax. We are allowing service providers to share our platform without putting any restrictions on them. is ensures that the best service provider will sustain and there is no over governance on private players.

Startups are much in talk these days. Do you have any plans to help those as well?

Yes, we are in the process of launching that – space will be provided to startup companies at nominal rates for a period of two years. Moreover, we will give them the required set up for a spci“c time period, so that they can support the upcoming entrepreneurs.

Is there any plan afoot to provide wi-fi service in public areas?

Yes, we have identi“ed popular spots where wi-“ services will be provided. For this, a few places have been identi“ed. ese include Sukhna Lake, Sector 17 Plaza, Inter State Bus Stand Sector 43, and railway station, among others.

What is the most ambitious and pet project of the Administration for facilitating work?

The UT Administration is working on Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of the city and work is about to start on this project very soon. For this, all the departments and wings of the administration and municipal corporation, like public health, power, sewerage, etc. will work in coordination. is will allow us to have a mapping of the various pipes and line networks across the city. For example, if a telecom cable has to be put, we will know, aer the mapping, which cables are already in place exactly, before the place is dug up for the cable. Also, it will give us mapping of each and every building in the area that will facilitate us in providing a number of services related to policing, “re services, medical services, traf- “c management, disaster management, etc. without wastage of time.

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  • Wi-Fi services in public areas
  • Use of computer labs.
  • People-friendly apps by UT Police
  • 205 Common Service Centres across the city

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