Abhishek Singh, Product Manager, PeopleLink Unified Communication & Telepresence

Offering video-conferencing banking solutions with a lower bandwidth is a huge achievement as there is higher competition in the technology domain. Overcoming such challenges, the company has achieved immense success, says Abhishek Singh, Product Manager, PeopleLink Unified Communication & Telepresence, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Please share with us the contributions you are making to the BFSI sector.

We are originally a video-conferencing company with a large number of video- conferencing solutions. Moreover, we have come out with some of the very innovative concepts and technologies for various fields. As far as video-conferencing in the BFSI segment is concerned, it was a proud moment for all of us as we launched the first-ever video-banking solution, and it was purely for the BFSI vertical.

We are looking at the basic challenges which people are facing in having seamless communication. We are trying to bridge that gap through the visual communication to make sure that all the teams are video-enabled. We help take banking services to the last person.

The government is promoting Financial Inclusion in a big way, and there is extra stress on the uplift of BFSI sector, as they consider it essential for the development of economy. So, what kind of opportunity do you see in this scenario?

Generally, a major challenge for the Financial Inclusion projects is that in a country like India, you generally need a solid bandwidth for any heavy communication to reach out to the last person. And, if you are trying to give some services in the rural areas, you need to communicate. You need to have a proper communication delivery system to make sure that even the last person is aware of the services being provided. We have a very intelligent encryption, which supports our products. It has been designed keeping the ground realities of India in focus and understanding the bandwidth requirements as well as the crunches.

Our solution works at the lowest bandwidth. It is a major feature nobody else can provide, and that is helping the government organisations to reach out to the remote areas. As a matter of fact, recently, when the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) was launched, PeopleLink’s video-conferencing was the one service which connected the rural-most villages with the Union Minister for Communications & IT and the world.

What are the major challenges with regard to further execution of your plans?

There are a few common challenges, which have already been removed by the people working in the technology domain. Generally, any technology company would face the bandwidth challenge in providing video- conferencing services. We don’t face that because our solution works on low bandwidth. So, as of now, there are no challenges and we intend to come out with more similar policies keeping the requirements in mind.

How has been your experience with Elets (eGov) and what do you expect?

Our experience with Elets Technomedia has been fantastic. It’s been four to five months now that we got associated, and ever since, we have gone together from event to event. The kind of platform the organisation provides us syncs with our offerings. We find a lot of people connecting with the solution, and that is the biggest achievement for us.


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