Consumer Centric Solutions from CCS : Gerald Prabhu

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Gerald Prabhu,  Co Founder and Executive Director, C Centric Solutions

CCS services help banks serve different markets in terms of geographies and set of customers, says Gerald Prabhu, Co Founder and Executive Director, C Centric Solutions, in an interaction with Elets News Network (ENN)

Tell us about C Centric Solutions (CCS) and its operations across the country?

C Centric Solutions primarily provides customer management solutions to the banking and financial services industry. We founded the company seven years back and we have offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. Our major customers are in banking and insurance sector. Some of our major clients include Axis Bank, SBI Life Insurance, Vijaya Bank, South Indian Bank and others. We provide solutions for managing customers effectively.

Apart from serving majorly the banking and financial sectors, we also provide services in manufacturing sector in cloud.

In today’s neck-and-neck competition, why do you think businesses and organisations should opt for your mobility solutions?

As for mobility solutions, a few years back, there used to be end-mile street shops with assurance to attract you customers or sort out any complaint while leveraging on the Internet. Gone are the days when people used to go home or office and then access Internet to use the information or update activities. Now-adays, smart phones have become very common. We deal with smart phones, which help enterprises use access information at their will. Whether it is about addressing a complaint, generating a lead or giving some information to a customer, it is all available on fingertips. Instant availability of information is so very crucial. Supposing, one is going to meet a client, who needs more information or some additional data. In that case, we can satisfy his queries using the smart phone. Again, if I have to meet with five customers in a day, with smart phone I know who is located closest to my current location and who should be visited next. That helps in better planning of the day. It is these features that make smart phones popular.

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The government is stressing on comprehensive financial inclusion. What role do you see there for the CCS?

We are providing services to banks whose mandate is Financial Inclusion. They are able to service different markets in terms of geographies and set of customers. Some of them are looking at selling mass insurance products for rural markets. So, if they are looking towards technology solutions to help them out in their work. One can verify a customer’s identity through Aadhaar-enabled data and issue an insurance policy and collect deposits in a faster manner rather than going through the conventional long process of verification. And, all that now can be done on mobile. We are coming up with such device solutions as well as extending already existing CRM solutions for smart phones, which are both effective and cost-effective.

What are your business plans and strategy for further growth?

We would like to keep our eyes set on the banking sector, which is growing by day. There are public sector banks, which are going more and more digital in approach. In banking, CRM is the heart of entire operation, especially for attracting customers. Then, in terms of marketing, people are getting used to web and they are increasingly getting hooked to the Internet and social media channels. We intend to leverage on equipment and technology, which we have raised on these platforms, and present to financial institutions and banks and take the next step towards customer management. So, my focus would be on digital plan and mobile-enabled services.

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