eINDIA 2013 – Inaugural – Sanjay Jaju, Secretary, Information Technology & Communications Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh

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Sanjay Jaju
Secretary, Information Technology & Communications Department,
Government of Andhra Pradesh

“Information Technology has proved to be a runaway winner when it comes to improving the quality of people’s lives,” says Sanjay Jaju

Mee Seva is now being replicated in many other states of the country. In your opinion what are the factors that are contributing to the rapid replication of Mee Seva?
As far as replicability is concerned, we have achieved both vertical and lateral expansion in the state. Now Mee Seva has been adopted as a National model for delivering G2C services and the e-district MMP has been accordingly redesigned making it ready for replication at pan-India level. The Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, has already sanctioned a grant for replicating Mee Seva in five states. The idea is also to convert Mee Seva into components, which can be placed in the National eGov app store for wider use. Essentially, the project is self-sustainable and highly replicable.


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