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Bharat Khanna
Business Head- Public Safety & Defence, NEC

“We are more into data mining and data information which is not happening, but we are in talks with the key people and I am confident that it will be implemented,” says Bharat Khanna,Business Head- Public Safety & Defence, NEC. In Conversation with Sruti Ghosal

Give us an overview of the work that NEC is doing in the government sector especially in the domain of e-Governance
NEC has been operating in India for last four decades, but it didn’t have direct operation in India. NEC has implemented services in public safety and telecommunication. As an IT offering we have storage solutions for servers and other communication solution. We have presence in almost all the metro cities and we have a factory in Chennai. In terms of e-Governance initiatives the biggest was the UIDAI program Aadhaar. All the Aadhaar deduplication process has been successful with the help of NEC. We worked in phase 1 and now we are working in phase two along with HCL.

Tell us about the projects that have been completed under safer cities?
If you look at the trend in India, for safer cities it has been more limited to surveillance and NEC is working towards this concept of safer and smarter cities. It helps to use the available resources and therefore helping people to lead a better life. In India we have implemented a few surveillance cameras, which are a very foundation level of project. We are more into data mining and data information which is not happening, but in talks with the key people and I am confident that it will be implemented, because we are a developing nation and today the decision makers are also very much learned and IT enabled. We are speaking to the state governments and we also have been managing the Karnataka State Police for almost seven to eight years now and now this is getting extended to the safer city as well.

Which are the key states that have implemented NEC’s emergency and disaster management solutions? What are the key benefits of the initiative?
Some of the states are in the process of implementing the disaster management solutions like the early warning cyclone, tsunamis etc. Apart from this we have worked some budget plans for the coastal states of the country on the disaster mitigation part. It is still in the evaluation process, so we will learn about the benefits soon.

What are the new projects that you are planning to implement in the e-Governance space?
We are doing a lot of work in the UIDAI space and we are working on the devices which will actually help in the identification of the person with UIDAI authentication process. We are working on those lines and very soon it will be implemented.

What are your plans of expansion in the e-Governance space?
We have a lot of projects happening in different states. The projects are taken up by the centre but later on implemented by the state. We are talking to the different decision makers and rolling out a policy for the implementation of these projects. Because of our global experience and our services in other countries in terms of implementation of citizen centric services, we are in a forefront. And any project coming out of the UIDAI, NEC is one of the market leaders in it.

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