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First census to allow participation via the Internet

For the first time, residents will be able to participate electronically in the  Lithuanian general population and housing census, which takes place during  March-May 2011. The e-Census will last two weeks, from 1 to 14 March.  Participation via the Internet is secure and convenient. It is easier to fill out the  questionnaire because some information on housing and population will be provided by administrative sources, such as the population, real estate and  address registers, and the State Social Insurance Fund Board of databases. e-Census participants can supplement or adjust relevant data during the period  of the e-Census. The census system enables participation to be made using the  www.esurasymas. lt website (which is accessible only during 1-14 March).  Personal identification will take place through e-Government portals. The  census must be completed for all housing residents, and aims to show demographic changes since the last census in 2001.

CollobarationIndian IT centre for Bahamas

The Indian government wants to construct an information technology centre  for Bahamians. This was confirmed by India’s High Commissioner to The  Bahamas and Jamaica, Mohinder S. Grover. He was in Nassau for the signing of a  Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) between The Bahamas and  India. Grover was accompanied by State Bank of India CEO Vikas Chandra and  Manager, Vijay Panda.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Zhivargo  Laing, who signed on behalf of the Bahamas, lauded India’s contribution to the  Bahamian society. Grover said the project will begin when a formal agreement  is in place. A memorandum of understanding is being worked on. The centre  will utilise Indian hardware and software, “To train hundreds of Bahamian students so that they can get skills in information technology and contribute to  the development of their country,” Grover said.

e-ServicesTulcea County to Get e-services

Romania’s Minister for Communications and Information Society, Valerian  Vreme, signed a contract for the financing from structural funds of the  ‘Development of electronic services for citizens and businesses in the county of  Tulcea’ project recently.

The project aims to develop and increase the efficiency of public services for  citizens and businesses in Tulcea. For this purpose, an integrated information management system and internal flows of resources were implemented to meet citizens’ and business requirements.

The aim of the project is to provide citizens with fast and efficient access to  electronic services of online local government, by using the facilities offered by the portal or call centre; promote the use of the Internet and call centre technology in local government institutions; Increase the transparency of the  use and management of public funds; minimise direct contact between officials  and citizens at the counter or the operator along with redefining the  relationship between citizens and local government through IT.

Digital LearningInfo system for civil service employment under creation in  Azerbaijan

Creation of an information system on employment for civil service is to be created in Azerbaijan until 2012. The Civil Service Commission under the President of Azerbaijan has reported that the project is implemented within the State ICT Development Programme of Azerbaijan for 2010-12.

The aim of the  project is to simplify the process of receiving documents of citizens for  participation in competitions and interviews, provide interactivity in period  test examinations and manage reserve personnel and their appointment to  certain positions. The program also envisages measures aimed at developing  the register of public servants.

At present, a plan of action was prepared and submitted to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Finance for budgetary allocations for implementation of the above-listed projects. Establishment of teaching and  educational center “e-Government” is expected as well with the purpose to  organise courses to improve the skills of civil servants in the ICT field and  professional training of information security specialists.

The Coordinating Council founded in August 2010 in the Ministry of Communications & Information Technologies supervises realisation of these projects.

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