Enabling Safe State : Rothin Bhattacharyya, CEO, HCL Security Ltd, India

Rothin Bhattacharyya
CEO, HCL Security Ltd

Please comment on the current state of affairs in public safety and security in India.

Securing lives and property has indeed emerged as a key concern and need in our society today. After the Mumbai terror attacks, there is growing emphasis on deploying technologically enabled security systems both in the public and private sector.  Private sector, especially hotels, retail chains, banks and other corporate bigwigs are seriously considering security products and solutions to thwart terror attacks.

Also, government is emphasising on the importance of deploying latest technology for ensuring a secure India. There is surely a positive change towards the issue of security in the country and the need of the hour is to ensure that this does not go on the back burner. At HCL Security, we believe that technology is an important pillar in the Indian security systems as it can intelligently analyse data and highlight suspicious behavior.

What are the areas where IT and Communications plays role in enhancing the security?

Technology is an effective enabler for optimum security these days. Technology has to be fused with people, intelligence and process to create excellent security architecture. Such architecture will not only minimise risks drastically but also enhance management of cities/facilities/departments and also add immense value to national security apparatus. A layered architecture will add more value in enhancing security measures and technology should not only be deployed but should be integrated with devices/ equipments in such a way that they compliment with each other and offer actionable intelligence.

What are your offerings in the security domain and the key projects (including Terrestrial Trunk Radio & Command and Control Centre) you are working on with the government in India?

Leveraging on the power of technology, HCL Security has designed an indigenous framework called ‘SAFE STATE’ that is focused on securing the nation through Technology. Safe State will offer actionable intelligence by integrating futuristic and intelligent technologies.  In addition to the existing security setup in the state, Safe State will enhance the existing capabilities leveraging on the state of the art technologies, analysis and enforcement and seamless connectivity. It will equip authorities with advanced technologies that will help monitor, track, detect, prevent and respond to threats and distress.

The most interesting fact being, apart from enabling security, Safe State will also help the revenue generating departments like State Tax Departments, Traffic Department, Police Department, Municipalities etc., by providing vital information that will help them to function effectively and efficiently. With Safe State’s seamless connectivity modules, ground units and control units can be contacted to respond to the situation in a positive & rapid way.

Also, we are working on a designed platform which will offer actionable intelligence by integrating and analysing inputs from multiple solutions and provide a single window output giving the enforcement agency an enhanced decision making platform over security concerns. This product will integrate every possible solution incorporated in security and surveillance architecture and offers a single window approach for viewing all the solutions in a single monitoring solution.

Along with Motorola, we have recently collaborated with all Delhi Government agencies to deploy the Government Radio Network (GRN) based on TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) – a secure communication network for seamless inter-department communication. This network would cover the entire metropolitan area of the capital, including transportation networks such as Delhi Metro Railway Tunnels and New Delhi Airport Terminal-II. The GRN has been designed to minimise the reaction time in the toughest of situations, ensuring minimal call drops and encrypted communication to maintain the highest levels of security

How do you see the move of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) towards automating and integrating the police stations with other security agencies through the Crime and Criminal Tracking Networking System (CCTNS)?

We welcome this move from Ministry of Home Affairs. We always believe that unless and until we integrate technologies with our national security system, we will be not able to succeed in achieving the desired outcome. This step from MHA will definitely boost our security system and will help us to take a step further in securing India.
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