Ict and Agriculture : D.C.Misra, NCT of Delhi, India

1. What is common between the following:

 (a) AgFind,      (b) AgriSurf,  
 (c) Web-agri,    (d) @gricculture online, and 
 (e) AgMetaSearch?

2. When and where was the first World Conference on Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources (WCCA) held?

3. What are the following:

 (a) WAICENT,     (b) FAOSTAT, 
 (c) EMPRES,      (d) FIVIMS, and     (e) AGRIS?

4. If these are regional / international / national-level organisations in the field of information technology (IT) in agriculture, also called AgIT organisations, what are the following:

(a) EFITA, (b) AFITA,
(c) PanAFITA, (d) INFITA-InfoNet
(e) JSAI, (f) INSAIT, and (g) IIAA?

5. (a) If this claims itself to be the largest database of agricultural information worldwide, what is AGRICOLA, (b) If this provides access to over 400 journals from major scientific publishers in the fields of food, agriculture, environmental science and related social sciences, what is AGORA?

6. Kisan, meaning farmer, is a very popular word for use in various schemes for the Indian farmer. If so, what are the following:

 (a) ikisan,   (b) MahindraKisan Mitra, 
 (c) KisanBazaar,  (d) Kisan Dehydration, and 
 (e) e-Kisan credit card?

7. Name the milking robot – a fully automated milking unit – has its own software, the Crystal software, which operates under Windows