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South African taxpayers take to e-Filing
Some 2.7 million taxpayers earning a basic salary of ZAR60,000 (US$8,080.68) and above per annum would now be filing their tax returns online for the first time in South Africa. This became possible after the launch of e-Filing system by the South Africa Revenue Service (SARS) recently. According to SARS, ever since the launch the e-Filing service has been accessed by a total of 1,520 users. Till date, SARS has received 1,401 applications from individuals to register as users, 68 submissions of tax returns and 119 tax practitioners registering as intermediaries. The taxpayers would be filing their returns until July 14th this year.

e-Voters' Register in Nigeria

Nigeria is to come up with the e-Voters' Register soon. Nigeria's Federal Executive Council (FEC) recently approved NGN233mn (US$1.89mn) for the pilot scheme of the e-Voters' Register. The Nigerian government and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) are jointly working towards this. According to Frank Nweke Jnr, Nigeria's Minister for Information and National Orientation, the e-Voters' Register is not slated for use in the 2007 elections but is aimed at checking the challenges Nigeria faces in managing elections. The pilot scheme is to be handled by four companies.

e-Voting comes under fire in US

With the primary election season heating up in the US, the issue of deployment of electronic voting machines has come under fire, and legally challenged. The issue has been raked up in the aftermath of the disputed Florida ballot count in the 2000 Presidential election amidst allegations of intentional manipulation of electronic vote data. Lawsuits have been filed to block the purchase or use of computerised machines.

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